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Amazon sellers save FBA head shipping strategy

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-18
For Amazon sellers, the optimization of FBA logistics channels can not only further increase the delivery speed of goods and enhance the shopping experience of consumers; it can also significantly reduce logistics costs and obtain more competitive prices in the competition with peer sellers. Advantage.

In the fourth peak season, in the face of overwhelming orders, how should Amazon sellers choose their own logistics method?

Optimize FBA logistics channels and enhance the ability of inductive competition
As an Amazon seller, in the competition of the same product, you may encounter such a situation-the competition opponent suddenly lowered the price of the product by a large margin, which is even a low price that you cannot accept. In this situation, it is likely that the other party has optimized the FBA logistics route.

For Amazon sellers, in the process of competing with their peers, the ex-factory prices of the products that everyone gets are roughly the same. If you want to gain an advantage in the final product selling price, you must either sacrifice a certain amount of profit space or The optimization and promotion of the supply chain end saves costs, during which the optimization of logistics channels is undoubtedly the most important part.

Everyone knows the importance of optimizing logistics routes, but blindly pursuing the saving of logistics costs will be counterproductive-choosing a cheap logistics route, the speed of goods transportation will decline, and there will even be out of stock and express shipments that have not yet been put into storage. The situation caused the Amazon account to be affected, picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelon.

It can be seen that the optimization of logistics channels is not a simple addition or subtraction problem, but a systematic and professional supply chain integration work.

Amazon FBA head shipping method

Classification and characteristics of American FBA lines
Amazon sellers want to optimize the FBA logistics route, they must first understand the classification status of the FBA line. Taking the US FBA circuit as an example, it can be divided into three categories:

1. World Express (DHL/FEDEX/UPS, etc.)

World Express is the most common type of FBA lines in the United States. It is fast, but the price is high, and the peak season is prone to warehousing. Usually, the time of warehousing is from November to January of the year or before and after the holiday and before and after promotional activities.

The world express can be divided into two types: fast and slow. The fast route is suitable for new products, small volume and large profitable products. It is the best choice for replenishment in peak seasons. Please refer to the time limit for 3-5 working days; while the slow route is suitable for large goods, although the price is cheap but timeliness Unstable and easy to arrange warehouses during peak seasons, products of merchants that require less than ten days, choose this route carefully, refer to the time limit of 6-10 working days.

2. Air Canada

The price of air delivery is cheap, and the tax is included. The disadvantage is that the speed is slow, it is suitable for products with larger volumes, and the price of more than 100KG has an advantage. The transportation process is collection-first air freight-customs clearance-delivery. Air-to-air delivery is divided into two ways: direct flight and transfer flight. The price of direct flight is slightly higher and the speed is faster. Refer to the time limit of 6-8 working days. The cost of transfer route is slightly lower and the speed is slow. Refer to the time limit of 10-12 work. day;

3. Haijiapai

Hejiapai is the cheapest way, and also the slowest one. Haijiapai is usually packaged for customs clearance and delivery, and the tariff is reimbursed. The sailing schedule is fixed every week, but it is necessary to reserve time for export declaration in advance. Regarding the more popular products, the seller can predict the peak season of the product and send FBA into the warehouse early by sea. Guanghe Logistics Haijia sends orders on Friday, and will be loaded on Wednesday next week. It will be delivered directly to the United States. UPS will deliver without reservation. The total time limit is expected to be 20-25 days!

How to scientifically and effectively optimize the logistics channels during peak seasons?
The above summary analysis of the US FBA routes shows that Amazon sellers can select the most suitable peak season routes according to their actual conditions and needs.

If you are still at a loss, do not know where to start to optimize the logistics route? There is no need to worry, professional matters must of course be handled by professional personnel.

It is understood that VIPUTRANS covers a variety of logistics routes such as FBA first-way express, AirPlus, Haijiapa, Railjiapai, Post, etc., and provides comprehensive foreign trade work for cross-border e-commerce sellers such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, and Wish. Escort, the first-hand way is super cheap, saving your logistics costs. In addition, Guanghe Logistics will launch promotional activities in different channels every week to help cross-border e-commerce sellers win the peak season.
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