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Amazon sellers how to reasonable planning FBA first leg? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-24
At present, the FBA head cheng transport means has air, sea and international express three ways, as the country area policy put forward all the way, now there are rail transport and so on many ways. The above several ways respectively need how long? How about the price? Off-season and busy season, respectively, to which one to use routine way head? Small make up to you comb comb ~ how amazon seller reasonable planning FBA first leg? Air 8 - 12, price moderate, suitable for small off-season and busy season of air is generally expensive, have fixed the flight time, sent to Europe about ten days or so. Why the air is so long? Because the shipping company may need to arrange bulk rounding or warehouse, which to a certain extent can delay some time. While security because the characteristics of air transport is relatively higher. Shipping 20, affordable, suitable for off-season, aging is influenced by the weather by sea is the biggest advantage of cheap, send shipping product profit is very high. But in time will be more easily affected by natural weather and so on, lead to transport time longer. Such as general sent by sea to the United States, it takes about 45 days to to Europe is in for a long time. Delivery 3 - 4 days, the price is the most expensive, suitable for the season and replenishment as the fastest mode of transportation, some a week to Europe. Such as red list or send DHL, UPS aging very fast, but the price is according to the different carriers, and range. When selecting a Courier, we need to note is that the ability of customs clearance, if the customs clearance ability is weak may produce clearance problems, affect the transport of goods. Land around 28, affordable, suitable for the off-season as area policy put forward all the way, there is support for cross-border electricity is becoming more and more big, the emergence of the central European trains and added an option for everyone, the characteristics of this kind of mode of transportation is directly by the railway transport of goods to the destination, of course also slightly longer on aging, the cost is relatively cheaper. Empty send aging faster, slower than straight hair express a little empty send the mode of transportation of air to the local first, then by the local Courier send to amazon warehouse, but can avoid booking warehouse. Now on the market of empty + pie is double clear tax package, also do not need to pay duties prepaid expenses, etc. , about 30 yuan/kg. Overseas warehouse if abroad have lease overseas warehouse, also can consider overseas warehouse in allocating the way. First shipment to overseas warehouse, so we can do FBA and overseas warehouse at the same time, when you have a need to can put the warehouse the goods transferred to the FBA warehouse overseas, also need not customs clearance. To amazon seller suggestion 1, that the seller in the choice of the mode of transportation, both to the ageing and capital from two aspects: on the one hand, because the amazon listing out of stock after the weight would fall, out of stock the longer the more difficult it is to push the product, and amazon warehouse in sales season every year ( Such as membership, black 5, a, Halloween and Christmas) Before put in storage in the queue for storage efficiency for large quantities of the goods will be greatly reduced, more let a person speechless is you can't go to rush; On the other hand money ability to a great extent, determines how we choose. 2, here recommend one is to arrange for product selection, order and delivery preparation, the prepared certification and all procedures must be completed; The other is a can be used to try a variety of modes of transportation at the same time, try to ensure that their products are goods, can continue to bring their revenues and profits, at the same time reduce the transportation cost.
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