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Amazon seller's account is blocked. The new process of appeal, 'Unfreezing' takes only 15 minutes-Air transport knowledge

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-29
Abstract: Amazon officials receive a large number of complaint letters every day, so make sure the content of the article is clear at a glance, such as using spaces and other formats. You can also refer to the following points: this letter of appeal is about what? Why did it happen? The preventive measures you took? Why should Amazon unblock your account? Amazon's account number is blocked. For sellers, it is like a 'nightmare, but now the frequency of this 'nightmare' seems to be getting higher and higher. The account being blocked means that you will lose a considerable amount of sales, so it is very important to get the account back to normal operation as soon as possible. Amazon is constantly updating relevant policies and regulations. Recently, Amazon changed the process of account freezing complaints. Moreover, it seems to be good news for sellers. Earlier, Amazon asked the seller's account to send a detailed complaint letter when it was blocked, but many sellers complained that the complaint process was long and frustrating. Now, Amazon requires sellers to complete a questionnaire survey when they receive an account freeze notice; If all goes well, the account will be unsealed in 15 minutes. The new process seems to be much better than the previous regulations, however, the new process seems to be only applicable to sellers who violate the delayed delivery indicator for the first time. What is the new process? As can be seen from the following figure, it is only necessary to tick the four options before applying for account thawing. After clicking the 'Reactivate your account' button, the account will be reactivated after 15 minutes. Tips for writing a complaint letter if your account is blocked for other reasons, you must communicate with Amazon officially. Here are some suggestions: 1. Mention consumers Amazon attaches great importance to consumers, so make sure you include consumers in your action plan or complaint letter. 2. The format of the article is concise and clear. Amazon officials receive a large number of complaint letters every day, so make sure the content of the article is clear at a glance, such as using spaces and other formats. You can also refer to the following points: this complaint letter is about what, why did it happen, the preventive measures you took, why should Amazon unblock your account number 3. Adequate preparation Amazon often asks sellers to provide more powerful action plans, so you 'd better make sure you can spend more time to get it done. Example of Amazon's official reply letter: Amazon seller performance index Amazon attaches great importance to maintaining the trust of millions of buyers. Amazon has established a performance target for third-party sellers on its e-commerce platform. All third-party sellers should strive to reach and maintain the corresponding customer service level to meet the seller performance targets of each product; If the seller does not do so, it may lead to the loss of sales privilege. 1. Order defect rate (ODR)-- Sellers should keep ODR less than 1% ODR is an indicator to measure sellers' service ability, including transaction guarantee claim rate, negative feedback rate and service credit card refusal rate. Sellers must maintain A low negative feedback rate, which also reflects Amazon's customer-centered concept. Sellers who actively cooperate with customers to solve order problems will avoid most A-to- Z transaction guarantee claim when buyers object to their credit card payment to the bank, this is called service refund request 2, order cancellation rate--The seller should keep the order cancellation rate below 2. The 5% order cancellation rate is the amount of order cancellations initiated by the seller before the delivery is confirmed divided by the amount of orders completed by the seller in the relevant time period. In order to calculate this indicator, Amazon determined that the order cancellation caused by any reason was initiated by the seller. 3. Delayed delivery rate-- The delayed delivery rate is less than 4%. The delayed delivery rate is equal to the delay of 3 days in the relevant period (Or longer) The number of confirmed orders divided by the total number of orders in the period. Delayed confirmation of delivered orders may lead to an increase in the number of buyer contacts and have a negative impact on the buyer's experience.
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