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Amazon's 'practice what you preach' sales commission rate _VIPUTRANS raise France

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-24
On August 6, news, amazon has notified the seller platform France, due to a French 3% digital tax, amazon will be October 1, 2019 sales commission rate by 3% to France. Amazon said Friday that it would put France a new digital tax cost on to their customers and business partners. The company warned that the digital tax measures could make a few French companies more difficult to compete with foreign rivals. Amazon said:; We have no choice but to pass it to others. ” He said; We recognize that this could lead to a French small companies in competition with other countries in the competition at a disadvantage. We have reminded the French authorities. ” According to 'international logistics', two weeks ago, the French senate approved a French income more than 25 million euros and 7 in the world. A 500 million euro ( 8. $3. 4 billion) Company in France for digital services 3% of the income tax. In mid-april, according to foreign media reports, the French parliament discussed a bill aimed at forcing companies such as amazon and Facebook pay taxes. In the next few weeks, the French parliament will to the discussion of the tax, the French finance minister Bruno Le Maire, said the tax would ensure; Fiscal justice & throughout; 。
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