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Amazon's alleged infringement of copyright by several publishers sued _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-23
On August 25, news, amazon's Audible audio books subsidiary has been America's top publishers association ( AAP) At seven publishing giant prosecution, the reason is Audible launched a program called; Audible throughout subtitles &; The function. It is understood that publishers are Captions of Audible roll out function, the feature debut last month, and will be in September with the cooperation of American public schools. The function USES machine learning transcribes spoken words as the written word, so users can read when listening to audio books. The Audible is based on audio books recording the operation, the process requires physical books and e-books separate license, Audible company failed to obtain a copy of these works written version of the required licenses. The lawsuit by the association of American publishers ( AAP) Seven members, including harpercollins publishers ( 哈珀柯林斯出版社) Penguin, random house ( 企鹅书屋) O, xie book group ( Hachette Book Group) And Simon &schuster ( 西蒙& Schuster) And macmillan press ( 麦克米伦出版社) 。 AAP said in a statement, Audible hope without authorized by the copyright owner provide books of text and voice, but now it only sell the rights of audio books. Audible have yet to comment. To hear of the prosecution, at the same time, foreign media survey found on amazon is selling more than 4000 kinds of commodities by the federal agency deemed unsafe, illegal, or label is misleading. The media said amazon's website lists many toys and medicines list does not include the health risk warning. For example, never the censored; The FDA approved & throughout; Products, lack of medicines and chemical reagents, child safety warning are banned neonatal wedge pillow, illegally imported prescription drugs, etc. , have unsafe levels or potential choking dangerous toys and so on.
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