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Amazon plans in Ohio newly established two FBA _VIPUTRANS distribution center

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-22
On July 25, according to foreign media reports, amazon announced that plans to open two FBA distribution center in Ohio, a move that will add more than 2500 jobs to the state. It is understood that the amazon plans in akron and franklin Roosevelt's opening two FBA distribution center, each area of more than 70 square feet and is mainly used for distribution of books, electronic products and toys and other small items of the order. Amazon vice President of global customer logistics Alicia Boler Davis said. Ohio is a business, providing customers with services and good places to create jobs, therefore, we are glad that in akron and Roosevelt set up two distribution centers, to develop our team in Ohio, and become a member of the community, Ohio, now more than 8500 Ohio amazon employees. ” According to zhong newsletter international logistics, as the electricity giant, amazon has been committed to the development of its own distribution network, to reduce the dependence on the international express companies such as fedex. At present, the ceaseless effort has achieved certain results. Market research firm lotte think-tank ( 乐天情报) Data representation, in two years ago, the United States postal service delivery of more than 60% of the amazon, amazon home delivery parcel ratio is about 15%. Now, according to the researchers found that nearly half ( 48%) The amazon's package is delivered by the company themselves. But because work benefits, amazon distribution center also has experienced a lot of turmoil. Recently, in the amazon Prime sales during the Day, amazon, Minnesota, a distribution center of the workers went on strike.
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