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Amazon North America FBA Order & Optimization

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-03-04
I. Summary of Amazon FBA order issues: 1. The Amazon buyer reported that he did not receive the product in the multi-channel order created by the seller, but the logistics information of the order shows that the product has been delivered, how to deal with such problems? Amazon has two delivery methods for multi-channel orders: one is directly delivered by Amazon FBA, and the other is delivered by Amazon partner carriers. For multi-channel orders delivered by Amazon FBA, the tracking number of the order will not be provided in the order details page. If the shipment has exceeded the estimated delivery time of 7 days, the buyer still contacts the seller to indicate that the shipment has not been received, Contact seller support in time for more help. For multi-channel orders delivered by Amazon-operated carriers, the carrier's information and logistics tracking code will be fed back in the relevant order details page. At this time, the seller can go to the carrier's official website to check the logistics information to check whether the delivery address is correct, and try to contact The logistics company checks the status of the shipment. If the logistics information shows that the goods have been delivered 7 days later and the buyer still claims that they have not received the goods, please contact the seller support in time for more help. Super detailed! Amazon North America FBA Order & Optimization Service Common Q & A 2. Why do some FBA orders show up as 0? After the buyer receives the goods delivered by Amazon, if the buyer feels that the received goods are of poor quality, he can apply for a replacement. At this time, Amazon will re-create a new $ 0 replacement order for the buyer. To buyers. Since the buyer has already paid for the original order, there is no longer a need for the buyer to repay the cost of a new replacement order. Super detailed! Amazon North America FBA Order & Optimization Service Common Q & A Regarding the returned goods in the original order, the buyer needs to return to the warehouse within 45 days. If the replacement goods returned by the buyer are not returned to the warehouse on time, Amazon will compensate the seller for losses in accordance with the relevant compensation policy. 3. How do I process a buyer's return request for an FBA order? Before processing a buyer return request, we must make sure that the after-sales service of the FBA order is provided by Amazon buyer customer service. When the buyer of an FBA order contacts the seller to request a return, the seller needs to direct the buyer to contact Amazon buyer customer service for processing through the following methods: (1) Enter the Amazon US website homepage (www.amazon.com) and click 'Help' at the bottom of the page (2) Click 'Need More Help' --- 'Contact Us' below the link (3) The buyer needs to log in to the account and enter the relevant order content according to the situation, then choose any method (phone, email, online chat) to contact Amazon buyer customer service for processing. 4. How to check the tracking number of Multi-Channel Fulfillment Order? Multi-Channel Fulfillment Order logistics information will not be displayed on the order details page until the warehouse has shipped. Only when the warehouse is shipped, the seller can view the logistics information of the order on the order details page. Super detailed! Amazon North America FBA Order & Optimization Service Common Q & A Second, Amazon FBA optimization service issues: 1. I want Amazon Warehouse to help me repack the returned products. How do I set it up? Products that have been unpacked will be displayed as 'Unfulfillable' after returning to the warehouse. Such products require sellers to create removal orders, move them back to their hands, repack them, and enter the warehouse again before they can continue to sell. In order to facilitate sellers to handle such products, Amazon specially launched FBA Repackaging Service (FBA Repackaging Service). After you turn on the service, the warehouse will repackage eligible returned goods in standard brown boxes and put them on the shelves again as new products. To activate this service, please follow the path to set it up: Enter the seller's background, click 'Fulfillment by Amazon' in the Settings drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the page, and change the 'Repackage Unsellable Customer Returns' option in the Repackaging Settings to 'Enable'. At the same time, check the product category that needs to be activated, and Click 'Update' to save. prompt: Amazon currently only accepts the following categories of products: Home Improvement Kitchen Pet products Sports Home Office Automotive Camera Wireless Lawn & Garden Business, Industrial, and Scientific Supplies Musical Instruments Shoes Apparel Fashion For more information, you can search the 'FBA Repackaging Service' help page in the seller's back office to view it. 2. How to send the same SKU to the same Amazon warehouse? Amazon currently opens the Inventory Placement Service for some classified products. After enabling this service, sellers can send all inventory to a single Amazon fulfillment center. Once the shipment arrives at an Amazon fulfillment center, Amazon will split the shipment and send it to a different fulfillment center for you. The service will charge a service fee on a piece-by-piece basis. You can enable this service in the following ways: (1) Enter the seller's background, click to enter 'Fulfillment by Amazon' in the Setting drop-down menu in the upper right corner (2) Click the 'Edit' button to the right of Inbound Settings (3) Click 'Inventory Placement Service' in the Inventory Placement Option. When this service is turned on, the newly created shipments of the seller will be automatically assigned to the same warehouse. Please note that the service does not currently support the following categories or products with special conditions: Apparel Jewelry Shoes Media Commingled inventory Oversize items Products with special prep or handling requirements (for example, certain items classified as hazardous materials) For more information about this service, please search for 'FBA Inventory Placement Service' in the seller's background to view. 3. If the label sent to the warehouse is forgotten to be labeled, will the warehouse normally receive the shipment? If the seller forgets to label the shipment and sends it directly to the warehouse, the warehouse will normally receive the shipment in most cases, but it will also be rejected. Whether it can be accepted by the warehouse depends on the actual reception result of the warehouse. quasi. If the warehouse receives these shipments normally, the warehouse will perform the labeling operation on the goods. The cost of the warehouse labeling will be displayed in the seller's Payment information as Unplanned Service Fee. The cost of the warehouse labeling service is as follows: For the first appearance of forgetting to label, the labeling fee for the warehouse is 0.2 USD / piece. For goods that have forgotten to be labeled repeatedly, the warehouse charge standard is 0.4 USD per piece, and if this problem occurs repeatedly, the warehouse will temporarily suspend the seller's ability to create shipments.
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