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Amazon is Paris _VIPUTRANS commercial court fines of up to 4 million euros

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-22
On September 4, news, amazon in contract with third party suppliers for terms of abuse of power by the commercial court of Paris fines of up to 4 million euros. But Paris commercial court details have not been made public. Amazon respond, the court made a ruling on limited clause, most of these terms have been update earlier this year. Company always devotes to provide the best service for customers and sales partners. And prosecutors French Treasury consumer fraud office has not yet responded. According to know, in fact, the amazon in Europe can not only face a fine. On July 17, the European commission announced to us electricity giant amazon launched an antitrust investigation, to assess the amazon in the use of its platform independence when the retailer's sensitive data is in violation of the eu competition law. Amazon on the one hand, the European commission said, plays the sellers of their products, on the other hand play the market operators, to other independent retailers provide sales platform. To this end, the suspected amazon using the non-public data platform independent retailers, as retailers, for unfair competition. Once finally established the charges, amazon may face its global turnover a hefty fines of 10%. According to the amazon sales in 2018, the fines up to 232. 900 million dollars.
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