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Amazon in California delivery _VIPUTRANS tested with miniature unmanned vehicles

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-23
On August 10, according to foreign media's latest news, recently, amazon has been in Washington Mr Khodorkovsky mish county near the headquarters of testing its; Scout & throughout; No delivery vans. A few days ago, the company announced it would expand the project, will start in irvine area larger unmanned vehicle test delivery. It is reported that amazon currently has no one to send freight quantity is limited, the equipment delivery parcel only on weekdays during the day. Each unmanned vehicle temporarily will also be accompanied by an employee of the amazon, to monitor the situation, At least in the program is started) Automatically, in the future, they have no car to drive and deliver packages. Some unmanned vehicle delivery policies and amazon policy in Washington during the initial test to use the same, but to prove to the expansion of the new city, the company thinks he at least has achieved a certain degree of success. According to amazon, miniature unmanned vehicle delivery will be seamless integration to Owen area in the customer's order. If you buy things on amazon, amazon will determine the most reasonable shipping method, either by normal way of delivery, or shipment from miniature unmanned vehicles.
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