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Amazon global open to European _VIPUTRANS push 'buy delivery' service

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-24
Recently, the amazon since the distribution of global open a shop to European sellers introduced; Purchase and distribution throughout the &; ( 购买航运) Service. It is reported,; Purchase and distribution throughout the &; Is amazon website for sellers from distribution order online delivery service. Sellers can the seller platform ( 卖家中心) Cooperation, directly to the distributors to buy distribution service and print the label, you can also use; Purchase and distribution throughout the &; Service API docking ERP use the service. According to introducing, use; Purchase and distribution throughout the &; Sellers, can enjoy negative buyer feedback policy, the seller is responsible for the delivery on time, won't because the seller delays caused by the delivery and uncontrollable factors sellers performance indicators. At the same time, buyers and sellers can view order delivery tracking trajectory. Use; Purchase and distribution throughout the &; Delivery order, amazon will automatically confirm and upload tracking information to delivery, the seller can query the sellers platform distribution directly tracking trajectory, reduce the operating pressure. Buyers can also see the order status and tracking number, and thus to minimize customer inquiries and improved the shopping experience. Not only that, but in; Purchase and distribution throughout the &; , based on the distribution of buyers promised limitation, the carrier preference and the lowest possible cost, amazon will automatically match different distribution service, the seller can be choose according to oneself circumstance, let the goods arrive on time more buyers. It is reported,; Purchase and distribution throughout the &; Is suitable for hard to forecast sales of seasonal goods, inventory turnover, slow long tail goods, electric products, picking and packing cost is lower than the cost of FBA items and other goods are not suitable for choosing FBA. And the opening of the optional distribution mode currently contains the first China postal e mail treasure, China postal e speed and China post express e, treasure of China postal e speed treasure can deliver electric products. It is important to note that use; Purchase and distribution throughout the &; Needs certain service qualification, that is, the first open to the point of origin in China, shenzhen, guangzhou, dongguan, hangzhou and Shanghai sellers. Temporary does not support goods worth more than purpose tariffs on countries/regions threshold order ( European 22 euros or 15 pounds) 。 In terms of payment and rate, use; Purchase and distribution throughout the &; When sellers platform can present a according to fill in information of the parcel weight and the carrier to provide the reference price to calculate the estimated cost, rather than directly to the user's the estimated fees charged by the amazon account. Logistics freight settlement by the user directly with China post, specific costs at the actual weighing and billing results in local postal enterprises. If a user has is the China post's customer agreement, please use the existing protocol client code and postal enterprises and settlement; If a user is a new customer of China post, not China post's protocol client account, can be in local postal enterprises pay the freight when the scene on-site LanShou package. It is understood that use; Purchase and distribution throughout the &; Service process, the first set; Purchase and distribution throughout the &; Preferences, and then for the distribution order. Purchase and distribution throughout the &; Service. Second input package of goods detailed information, and finally generate and print the delivery sheet. Disclaimer: this message is reproduced, published article for the purpose of the information, does not mean that agree with his point of view or confirm its description. The article content is for reference only.
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