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Amazon FBA2018 is going to raise its price again. How should FBA sellers break it? -Air transport knowledge

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-30
Abstract: after a series of accounting for changes in storage, distribution, transportation and customer service costs, Amazon's FBA charging standard has drawn up a plan to raise the cost of Amazon's FBA logistics in the United States in February 22, 2018. Seeing this news, FBA sellers are gnashing their teeth, and the price of Amazon FBA2018 is going to rise again. How should FBA sellers break? After a series of accounting of storage, distribution, transportation and customer service cost changes, Amazon FBA charging standard has drawn up a plan to raise the cost of Amazon FBA logistics in the United States in February 22, 2018. Seeing this news, FBA sellers are gnashing their teeth and spitting Amazon's nagging, although it is said that high-quality service requires a certain cost as a support, but this is another shock for small FBA sellers of cross-border e-commerce with meager profits! Let's take a look at the cost adjustment range of Amazon FBA. Amazon's cost adjustment includes distribution fees and monthly inventory fees. The new delivery fee will take effect on February 22, 2018. The adjusted fees will apply to the annual fee plan, and Amazon will not only provide a separate rate plan for the period from October to December. From February 22, 2018, Amazon FBA will begin to measure the volume of goods ( Length x width x height, in inches)Divided by 139 (Instead of the previous 166)This way to calculate the volume weight. Volume weight is only applicable to large standard size goods weighing more than 1 pound and all small, medium and large large goods. Everyone noticed that the weight of the volume is also applicable to the calculation of multi-channel distribution costs and inventory configuration service costs. Compared with the cost of FBA logistics and distribution in 2017, most of the charges for this adjustment are higher than before. FBA sellers must reserve enough profit space for products to avoid unnecessary losses. The adjusted FBA distribution fee cancels the original charging standard set according to the month, and instead uses the unified annual rate standard plan. How should FBA sellers deal with the layout to avoid these expenses? 1. Quickly reduce the price and sell the inventory goods. If you want to remove the inventory products, the best way is to lower the price and sell the products in the past 2 months. Using Amazon's re-pricing tool can help FBA sellers clear up their inventory as soon as possible. Amazon FBA sellers can also create promotions in the seller center to show discount rates or buy one get one free. These practices will create a sense of tension for buyers, thus driving sales. 2. Clean up the inventory outside the station, send the products to the online bloggers, ask them to help recommend, and then use the discount to attract customers to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning up the inventory. There are many platforms with low thresholds to help sellers clean up their inventory, and this method is very effective. 3. Giving up the inventory of unsalable goods FBA sellers can ask Amazon to return the products or ask Amazon to handle the products, but these will cost money. If the product is returned: regular size product (0. $5/piece), Oversized products (0. $6/piece). If the product is destroyed: regular size product (0. 15 usd/piece), Oversized products (0. $3/piece). Do a cost-profit analysis, decide whether to pay the storage cost and the rising distribution fee in February, or pay to remove the goods from the warehouse. 2018 is another brand-new challenge. Facing Amazon's rising logistics distribution fees, Amazon FBA sellers should reasonably arrange the delivery quantity and formulate a complete inventory cleaning plan. More more cross-border e-commerce dry remember attention viputrans cross-border e-commerce logistics
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