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Amazon FBA restricts shipments again, how should

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-29
Recently, the Amazon platform issued a notice stating that the U.S. station adjusted the inventory performance index score (IPI) to 500. From August 16, 2020 to the end of this year, sellers with a score below 500 will have storage restrictions. This measure is undoubtedly once again restricting FBA shipments. Recalling what happened in March, sellers can no longer afford the second time.

Fortunately, everything has a chance to be rescued. With one month left, sellers must find a way to raise the inventory performance index score. After all, the second half of the year is the peak season. If you miss it, it will be a huge loss.

Through the inventory [Performance] page, we probably know that the main factors affecting IPI include redundant inventory, sales rate, Amazon inventory without sales information, and inventory inventory.

Next, we will explain these four important factors one by one.

1. Clean up redundant inventory

Redundant inventory refers to the quantity of goods in stock that exceeds the quantity required for 90 days of supply. If it is found that the performance of this piece is not good, then we must find a way to clear the redundant inventory as soon as possible. Suggestions include:

1. Discount promotion

For example, if you set up coupons with relatively large discounts on the site, you can increase sales by posting celebrities outside the site.

2. Significant price cuts

It is possible to directly reduce prices significantly and give profits to consumers to increase sales.

3. Increase advertising

Increase advertising budgets and bids, with discounts or low prices to increase sales.

4. Moving warehouses or discarding commodities

If you want to move the warehouse, you can contact a third-party overseas warehouse to move all or part of the goods out, and then create a shipping plan to enter the warehouse after August 16. You can also choose to directly discard (this email notification, the removal of the product is free)

The goal is to clear the inventory that has been stored for more than 90 days as soon as possible to make room for more popular products.

2. Increase the sales rate

In addition to increasing the sales rate of redundant products, the sales rates of other normal products also need to be increased. Methods include but are not limited to discount promotions, price reduction promotions, advertising, and also include optimizing listing content, increasing the number of ratings and QA, and increasing the rating score. The first domestic free evaluation can provide sellers with a 7-day free version experience, real-person evaluation without commission, unlimited orders can be placed within 7 days, scan the QR code, reply: free evaluation, learn more.

Amazon FBA restricts shipments again, how should sellers respond?

The goal is to find ways to increase the flow and sales of goods, which is higher than the usual sales rate.

3. Repair the information of unavailable products

1. Modify the product description problem so that the listing can be put on the shelf normally;

2. For products that lack qualifications, submit materials for review as soon as possible for normal listing;

3. To discard the product, first restore the listing information, and then create a discard order.

The purpose is to make you have goods in stock in the FBA warehouse for sale.

Fourth, increase the FBA inventory inventory rate

Check the [replenishment inventory] data, arrange replenishment as soon as possible for the goods that need replenishment, and ensure that the best-selling products in the store have enough inventory.

The purpose is not to let the best-selling products out of stock, not to let Amazon lose the commission and FBA fees.

These are a few suggestions for improving inventory performance scores.

At present, sellers with scores below 500 should seize the time to act. While taking remedial measures, they should also consider what caused the low scores. Is the product selection bad? Bad operation? Or poor inventory management? Only after a deep reflection can history repeat itself.
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