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Amazon FBA out of stock, how to avoid the replenishment techniques _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-24
Amazon FBA out of stock, how to avoid the replenishment skills? Amazon sellers in store operations, usually the most afraid of is have these points, the first is the logistics, the second is sold well, pour to lose money, the third is a sales too good, buy a warehouse out of stock, today let's talk about the third point, the quick replenishment is out of stock. A, 1, don't look down on sales businesses how to prevent out of stock if a daily sell three pieces of goods, then every week selling 21 pieces, sale in January 84, each quarter it sold 252, 1008 calendar year will sell. Christmas and hanukkah, the statistics will be double. 2, the total number of replenishment must be more than the specific sales if sales statistical analysis based on historical time, basic theory should be allocated to send amazonFBA 100 products, specific please send 120 pieces. Unless it's merchants selling goods net weight in * * ( Steel column or lead the tea-table) , in addition to other commodity shipments proposed increase of 20%. Multiple 20% of the goods is there risk? Risk, no doubt, but relative to the risk of inventory clearance, the risk of damage to small. 3, don't mention this careless, perhaps part of the online customer service * * not to ridicule, daily so many things to do, busy constantly & hellip; … Suggest you online customer service, don't have to release the pressure. Due to the release of certain commodities pressure tracking, got a single explosion will miss the good chance. In view of the business, also want to all regulatory team inventory situation. 4, can use the computer to track the goods ready for the cover all overseas warehousing and third party warehousing, accurately reflect each SKU inventories, automatic into purchase order, before the hot season to prepare goods, fully automatic dispatch inventories, businesses and other ways. Can set off inventory statistics, together to fill inventory statistics system. For example, fusionzoom ( The ark) Erp process monitor, monitor goods transferred out warehouse management process, the gateway application, methods of management, improve inventory turnover of funds, regulatory head timely. Adjustable warehouse phase delay will risk management method, grasps the warehousing logistics status, in a timely manner to save. Long positions ( amazonFBA) Intelligent early warning information, based on selecting different freight logistics timeliness measuring goods demand, reduce product inventory backlog, avoid out of stock. Third, after the goods out of stock solution 1, the goods will be out of stock prices: it is many businesses useful way, according to the order to reduce the amount of information commodity sales price. Advantage: to reduce the amount of damage, must ease the shortage of cycle time. Defect: will be cancel the add to cart, reduce the conversion listing, harm store weight value. 2, to sell its own Listing: to sell its own Listing are many businesses in the out of stock after the emergency treatment process, to choose the delivery method after selling out to ensure that it is not easy to reduce too much. Advantage: the keywords ranking lower speed slow. Defects: because delivery timeliness problem endangering sales. 3, amazonFBA emergency stock advantage: can alleviate shortage crisis immediately. Defect: must be before there is enough good. Second, the shortage of key after considering the three factors 1, stock up cycle time 2, 3 inventory status, market sales rate amazon FBA shortage of how to solve? See here, you also learn a little, take action, so that's all for today about the content of the amazon stock method. ,
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