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Amazon FBA head operation process

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-22
FBA headline stocking is the preparation or basic work for distribution. The stocking work includes raising supply, ordering or purchasing, collection, purchase and related quality inspection, settlement, handover, etc. One of the advantages of distribution is that it can focus on
The storage and distribution process of Amazon FBA headline stocking
In recent years, Amazon has spread more and more FBA layouts, specifically involving the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and other countries and regions, as the most prosperous market for cross-border e-commerce. The United States is full of warehouses. The following describes the storage and distribution process of Amazon FBA headline stocking.
1. FBA first process stocking
It is the preparatory work or basic work for distribution. The stock preparation work includes raising sources, ordering or purchasing, collection, purchase and related quality inspection, settlement, handover, etc. One of the advantages of distribution is that it can concentrate the needs of users for a certain scale of stocking. Stocking is the initial work that determines the success or failure of distribution. If the cost of stocking is too high, it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of distribution.
2. FBA head storage
There are two forms of storage in distribution: reserve and temporary storage. The distribution reserve is the guarantee of distribution resources formed according to the requirements of distribution operation in a certain period. This type of reserve has a relatively large quantity and a relatively complete reserve structure. Depending on the source and arrival of the goods, the structure and quantity of the turnover reserve and insurance reserve can be determined in a planned way. The storage guarantee for distribution is sometimes solved by setting up a separate warehouse near the distribution center. Another storage form is temporary storage, which is a small amount of storage preparation made at the tally site according to the requirements of sorting and distribution during the specific implementation of daily delivery. Since the overall storage efficiency depends on the total amount of storage, this part of the temporary storage will only affect the convenience of work, but will not affect the total efficiency of storage, so the quantity control is not strict. There is another form of temporary storage, that is, the temporary storage of the delivery load formed after sorting and distribution. This temporary storage is mainly to adjust the rhythm of distribution and delivery, and the temporary storage time is not long.
3. FBA head sorting and distribution
It is a characteristic functional element that is different from other forms of logistics, and it is also an important cultural work for the success or failure of distribution. Sorting and distribution are to improve delivery and support delivery preparations. It is an inevitable extension of different distribution companies competing in delivery and improving their own economic benefits. Therefore, it can also be said that the development of delivery to advanced forms is inevitable. Claim. With sorting and distribution, the delivery service level will be greatly improved. Therefore, sorting and distribution are the key elements that determine the level of the entire distribution system.
Amazon FBA head trip
4. FBA first way distribution and transportation
Distribution transportation belongs to terminal transportation and branch transportation in transportation. The main difference from general transportation is that: distribution transportation is a short-distance, smaller-scale, and high-value transportation form, and generally uses automobiles as transportation tools. Another difference from trunk transportation is that the route selection problem of distribution transportation is not available in general trunk transportation. The trunk transportation of trunk transportation is the only transportation line. However, due to the large number of distribution users, the general urban transportation routes are more complicated. How to combine How to make the best route and how to effectively match the equipment and routes is the characteristic of distribution and transportation, and it is also a difficult task.
Amazon currently has three main businesses:
1. Media (that is, the sales commission of your own vendors' products),
2. FBA (rental online shop + selling traffic + sub-warehouse leasing + packaging and delivery + collection),
3. Amazon web services (including products such as s3\db\aq, which can be understood as IDC+CDN acceleration + personalized website construction)
For Amazon users in mainland China, the Amazon FBA header includes two steps: 1. Send the goods to the domestic service provider warehouse, 2. The domestic service provider transports the goods to the Amazon warehouse (Amazon US or Amazon Europe)
1. Standard Service
Receive goods from warehouses in China's Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other port cities, and send the seller's goods to the designated Amazon warehouses in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany and other countries by shipping and air transportation!
2. Value-added services
1. Print Amazon label: Print the corresponding label of each product in accordance with Amazon FBA barcode content requirements
2. Labeling: In accordance with Amazon FBA storage requirements, each product is labeled with a corresponding barcode
3. Sorting fee: according to the type and quantity requirements of Amazon FBA storage products, sorting and packing according to the box
3. Return service
Can assist in processing returns from Amazon warehouses. Help customers to re-operate goods re-sent into warehouse or other processing. In accordance with the relevant operating requirements arising from the actual situation, additional costs will be calculated.
Four, extended services
Acting as an agent for import and export customs clearance declaration, paying customs clearance fees and VAT
Big Forest FBA Logistics can provide door-to-door service for almost all Amazon FBA warehouses. For FBA warehouses located in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Canada, we provide exclusively developed routes to Amazon sellers. There are economical and fast services for customers to choose. FCL and LCL are our strengths, and we customize personalized services according to customers' own needs. Special customers will follow up and deal with them. There will be no mixing and speed of customs clearance. In addition, we cooperate with Amazon designated trailer companies to ensure cost-effective delivery services. We provide sea, air, and express delivery to FBA warehouses.
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