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Amazon FBA head cheng transport (what time is it? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-24
In recent years, amazon store of FBA head cheng logistics, cloth is more and more wide, too is also given, the logistics of electricity ChongDianXing is also very important. Advantages for the businessman yet, however, are real, amazon sellers with amazon's logistics, can effectively improve the ranking of Listing, get more traffic. Ok, say so many, how do FBA head cheng, amazon FBA head cheng transport (what time is it? Today with small make up for the analysis of analysis. FBA head lift transportation pain points analysis: transportation difficult: from amazon warehouse to the customer's hands, convenient and quick, of course, but before your goods to the warehouse and the warehouse, and find a forwarder by the spectrum. Can help you to transport to the amazon, and this one, is the pit is more of a point, need the seller pay attention. Customs clearance is difficult to want to send from abroad to go abroad, a joint is necessary to face the customs inspection, also called clearance, main purpose is to check your goods, is there any sensitive cargo and dangerous products, is to the what to send, this call you transport the definition of the requirements for the goods in that country. Is to send the battery electronic products such as some countries, you can't send some. Clearance is FBA head cheng, an important part of your goods may be buckle goods or can't clearance distribution to amazon warehouse, this still need to pay more attention to. Housing difficult: when you send the product to amazon warehouse, also may not be able to transport, may have different reasons for can not put in storage, can product specification is too large, the weight is overweight, can also be product packaging is not in conformity with the requirements, because amazon is very strict to the requirement of the product. Amazon has to ban products and replicas, FBA is absolutely not acceptable. FBA head process mode of transportation: a: general use DHL UPS TNT express Courier. Whatever the express, as long as there is clearance company forwarder abroad, can be responsible for the customs clearance, can pay, can be used to transport. Express advantage: aging fast, suitable for small batch of goods, such as within 300 kg; Price concessions, the goods within 300 kg by Courier, the price is half of the air; 2: amazon FBA warehouse, air freight by air to the United States is suitable for large quantities of goods and amazon sellers, such as 1000 kg upwards, air flow: the delivery & ndash; — Take off & ndash; — Transit & ndash; — The Los Angeles airport & ndash; — Customs clearance & ndash; — Delivery & ndash; — Receipt & ndash; — Shelves. Go by air with CA AF AZ HP LD UA such as aviation, freight volume, aging fast, service three obvious advantages: amazon FBA head cheng shipping by sea to the United States, apply to the very many sellers, 5 CBM. 10 cbm。 15 cbm。 A small ark, a tall ark, amazon FBA warehouse can be to the United States, the process of shipping: shipping & ndash; — Shipment & ndash; — Sailing & ndash; — Sea drift & ndash; — To the port & ndash; — Customs clearance & ndash; — Delivery & ndash; — Receipt & ndash; — Shelves. About & quot; Amazon FBA head cheng transport (what time & quot; Is introduced here, want how to from losses, had better choose a forwarder by spectrum from the start, of forwarder company to understand for sellers to tailor the most appropriate solutions, can be at ease, can ask our customer service for details.
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