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Amazon FBA head cheng have what advantage? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-24
The horse FBA head cheng have what advantage? A growing number of cross-border e-commerce sellers choose to amazon, and FBA air transportation has become the preferred of every trade. Especially for those who have high timeliness requirements of small product, the horse FBA head cheng have what advantage? It has advantages of what? Today logistics are old driver to everyone in the class. 1, high timeliness as is known to all, compared with other modes of transportation, the FBA is aging more quickly in the air, especially the amazon service FBA first ride on a high specifications. It's also one of the many businesses like to highlight. Now, the customer pursuit timeliness. This kind of the characteristics of the horse FBA head cheng has a lot of appeal. 2, involving freight tariff and FBA head cheng air freight, customs duties and other fees, mainly the freight problem, of course, and FBA air freight is relatively high, which is related to its limitation. In addition, if we choose a different freight forwarder, freight will be different, and in this process will be related to the generation of tax. 3, provides the value-added service trustworthy FBA logistics company will according to the requirements of the amazon barcode content and print labels for each product. In addition, in accordance with the requirements of FBA warehouse, it will be attached the corresponding code for each product. In addition, will also help customers to return to the delivery. FBA air head process has the characteristics of high efficiency and flexibility. In addition, it also can provide some additional and extension service for the customer, the whole process of FBA air will involve some cost. This also remind when choosing FBA airfreight first leg should pay attention to price and cost.
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