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Amazon fba chooses VIPUTRANS logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-11
Miss Wu is the owner of a hardware accessories store in Dongguan. She only opened an Amazon store last year. Recently, she received an order to be shipped to the Amazon warehouse in the United States, so she was anxious to find a reliable international freight forwarder for transportation. Ms. Wu browsed the Internet for a long time and found VIPUTRANS, an international logistics company specializing in China-US dedicated shipping. So through the contact information on the website, she opened the phone of VIPUTRANS salesperson KENNY. Ms. Wu said that her goods are about 580kg, and the products are all keychains, which are to be sent to the FBA Amazon warehouse in the United States. And Ms. Wu is more concerned about prices, and hopes to save costs on freight as much as possible.

KENNY also quickly selected the transportation plan and calculated the quotation based on Miss Wu's cargo situation. It took the US fba first-way sea transportation. Relatively speaking, there is a lot of discount in the price, but the time limit is not so fast. After Ms. Wu performed the calculation on the price and aging, she felt that it was acceptable, so she quickly signed an agreement with VIPUTRANS for cargo transportation. After Ms. Wu provided the specific cargo information and address, KENNY arranged for the driver to pick up the goods and safely deliver the goods to the VIPUTRANS Dongguan warehouse. After that, they can wait for the shipping schedule to arrive before leaving the warehouse for transportation. A series of freight processes are also very smooth, although it is only the first cooperation, the communication between the two parties is very pleasant and a good cooperative relationship has been reached.
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