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Amazon FBA cargo labeling operation rules

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-19
Amazon FBA cargo labeling operation rules

1. Visual inspection

1. Arriving at the truck and found that the outer packaging is squeezed and deformed, there is liquid contamination, and there are sharp objects piercing the outer box, and it is stored separately (placed in a prominent place on the ground next to the product card board in the country).

2. The utility knife cuts along the original packaging seal and unpacks the outer box. Take out the suspected damaged package and check it visually (also check the SKU code).

3. If there is deformation or damage, take the gift box provided by the customer to replace the new packaging (note the direction of the accessories), check the SKU code, and print and replace if necessary.

4. Regardless of whether the product packaging is damaged or replaced, the outer box that has been deformed, defaced, or punctured must be reinforced or replaced. According to the actual situation, the reinforcement method can be provided with inner pads, lining angles and hemming.

5. The important process of replacing packaging, labeling and strengthening needs to be completed in the designated video viewing area and recorded and archived.

2. Pasting the FBA National Standard

1. The operator fully understands the meaning and difference of the national marks 'DE', 'DE FBA', 'DE EAN' (DE is an example, similar in other countries) and other marks.

2. According to the 'Cargo Operation Table' to receive the national logo, and one-to-one correspondence with the number of boxes.

3. The country logo is pasted on the upper right corner of the narrow side of each box of goods, two symmetrical.

3. Check the SKU code of the product

1. Basis: SKU column on 'Cargo Operation Table'.

2. A box of goods for each country and product type is extracted, and the SKU code on the product packaging is scanned out of the box (note that there may be several kinds of goods on the same card board).

3. After random inspection, the box is sealed as it is and placed back to its original place.

4. If the spot check is wrong, the customer service verifies the data on the 'Cargo Operation Form' with the customer and the manufacturer.

5. After verifying that it is indeed wrong, all products of that model in the country are unpacked and checked. Enter the SKU internal standard replacement process.

6. Important errata and replacement of SKU internal standard procedures need to be completed in the designated video viewing area, and recorded and archived.

Special attention: During manual spot checks, pay attention to the difference between '0' and 'O', '1' and 'I'.

4. Relevant operations in the destination country of the replacement product

1. The goods that need to be changed to the destination are moved to the operating platform in batches (the operating platform must be kept dry and clean, and the operators should wash their hands and dry them).

2. The front desk prints the SKU mark and country logo according to the quantity, and the operator receives the quantity according to the quantity.

3. Unpack the box, take out the products and arrange them neatly, completely cover the original SKU logo with the new SKU barcode, the logo is pasted in the correct position, without bias and without creases.

4. SKU codes that are damaged or broken during the pasting process should be collected at the front desk and replaced at the front desk.

5. Put the product back into the outer box, which must be consistent with the original placement method. The order and direction of product placement should be the same. Try to keep the SKU code facing up.

6. The process of replacing the SKU internal standard must be completed on the operation platform, and recorded and archived.

V. Information labels related to customs clearance

1. The customs clearance information label must include: delivery address, customs clearance subject, EU EORI code, national tax number, and local logistics group contact information.

2. The operator pastes one piece of each box of goods on the front or side.

Six, FBA warehouse label

1. The front desk is responsible for FBA label production. Bar codes can be generated by software in Europe, Japan, Canada and other countries, and printed by thermal printers; US FBA labels must be printed with stickers and cut by paper cutters.

2. The generated FBA labels must be placed in order for the operator to paste.

3. Each box of FBA label is pasted on the front or side, two. The paste is firm, unbiased and clear.

4. After the FBA label is attached, transfer the card board to the warehouse and deliver the original materials to the front desk.
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