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amazon china approved to provide ocean freight services

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-26
Amazon online retailer
According to the United States, the China branch of com Inc. has been registered as a marine freight forwarding company. S.
This is an initiative of the US Federal Maritime Commission to allow it to coordinate the transportation of goods between China and the United States.
The registration shows that the world\'s largest online retailer plans to expand its logistics business to reduce the cost of its own retail business and potentially provide third-party services.
Logistics services for other industries.
A new identity as a freight forwarder, or \"non-
A vessel operating a common carrier \"means that the Amazon unit, while taking legal responsibility and handling customs documents, may subcontract the transportation of goods to the ship operator.
Amazon is already negotiating an agreement to lease 20 jets to start its own aviation business.
The Seattle Times reported last year that express delivery services in the United States.
The retailer also launched its own truck trailer and launched a project last year to use the fleet
The driver is requested to provide the package.
US Federal Maritime CommissionS.
Government agencies in the United StatesS. -
The international maritime transport system said on Thursday that a company called Beijing Century Youyou Express Service Co. , Ltd. was named Amazon China and Amazon.
CN and Amazon Global Logistics China are registered in their database to provide shipping services.
Amazon China submitted its application for registration on November.
The Commission said on Thursday that it had filed various documents and issued bonds last year.
This request was reviewed and registered in November. 13.
The committee stated that this was the first registration of the entity.
Ryan Petersen, head of Flexport, San Francisco-
On Thursday, he first wrote about Amazon registration on the company blog.
\"Amazon\'s shipping service is much more attractive to Chinese sellers than to US buyers.
\"Chinese suppliers want direct access to Amazon\'s vast US customer base,\" Peterson wrote . \" He added that this could mean more price pressure on the USS.
Merchants who have already sold goods imported from China to customers through Amazon.
A spokesman for Amazon declined to comment.
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