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Amazon and holiday sales _VIPUTRANS it bet on India

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-23
On August 20, learned that smartphones and fashion brands such as TCL, kodak said amazon and it holiday orders increased by 80% than last year, consumer spending will be Navratri - because the market expected Recovery during Diwali. Three senior industry executives said that in the online sales platform as the center of the brand, holiday orders doubled. The smartphone manufacturers Realme India chief executive, Madhav Sheth says during diwali 8 - may sales growth 10%, while the annual growth rate is expected to reach 5-2019 6%. ; Our sales from feature phones to smartphones are expected to drive sales, and for our holiday orders than doubled last year,; He said. TCL, kodak, Thomson and iFFalcon of online electronic product such as executives said that their holiday orders increased by 80 - 100%. For example, TCL and iFFalcon in a 225000 TV sets were sold during the festival, this year's market sales volume is more than twice that number. Chief executive of Thomson licensees Super Plastronics Avneet Singh Marwah, says consumers can expect this year's largest discount during the festival,; Although the sales for independence day TV is good, but consumers can look forward to this year during the festival the biggest discounts. ” After the government to tighten foreign online market norms, online discount on average had fallen this year. But research shows that the electronic commerce's contribution to the total sales is on the rise, the reason is that convenience, selection of species and with Internet access becomes cheaper and more add new shoppers. Is it, said a spokesman for India market report; Very good growth & throughout; And during the festival; Continue to grow throughout the &; Full of confidence. ; We are the value of e-commerce participants, & throughout; He said. ; It market in the market seems to be a bit slower when doing more on the market. Therefore, we do not think this climate will slow. According to a report in the understanding, loyal newsletter international logistics in December last year, the Indian government changed the e-commerce companies direct investment rules of FDI, further prevents the amazon, it to consumers to provide specific goods cash back, discount products attract buyers, etc. It is understood that the restrictions went into effect on February 1 to it, such as amazon India platform has great impact performance. Public information, diwali ( Diwali Festival) Importance is an important festival of Hinduism, just like Christmas and New Year's day. In order to meet the diwali. In India, the last day of the lunar year, every family can lit candles or oil lamps, because Indian people think they are a symbol of the light, prosperity, and happiness.
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