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Alibaba International Station: Cross-border logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-25
On July 9th, Alibaba International Station announced that it would cooperate with Cainiao and its logistics ecosystem partners to ensure that the backbone of cross-border logistics 'does not drop the counter', and 'should be compensated', and to ensure that small and medium foreign trade enterprises enjoy the same preferential treatment as large customers. price.

   Affected by the global epidemic, cross-border logistics is precarious.

   'Dump me once a week!' According to media reports, some sellers cried and complained that they had been dumped for 7 consecutive weeks since May. In the past, during the peak shipping season, when the cargo space was full, those cargoes deemed unimportant could be 'extended by one water' (postponed to the next voyage) or even delayed. In addition, since July, the average price of seaborne containers has risen from around US$2,500 to over US$3,000.

  The logistics under the new foreign trade model tried its best to overcome these problems.

'Determinism is the most urgent need of foreign trade companies for cross-border logistics, and it is also the core capability of digital new foreign trade.' Wang Tiantian, head of cross-border supply chain at Alibaba International Station, said that in the past June, international station logistics has never A dumping of the cabinet occurred.

   In June, the global cross-border B2B e-commerce exhibition Alibaba Online Fair was held. Inquiries increased by 177% year-on-year, paid orders increased by 243% year-on-year, and actual transactions increased by 124% year-on-year.

   Such results are inseparable from the strong guarantee of the supply chain-through the '66 Cross-border Trade Service Festival', the timely rate of cross-border logistics services at international stations has approached the pre-epidemic level, and it has also helped customers reduce up to 60% of contract performance costs.

   The central government puts forward the 'six stability' and 'six guarantees', and ensuring the stability of the cross-border supply chain is the focus of stabilizing foreign trade. In March of this year, Ali International Station took the lead in launching price-insured and cabin-guaranteed services. In June, it held its first cross-supply service promotion. This time the extra code is to escort the September procurement festival in advance.

  Digital new foreign trade has become a must for foreign trade companies under the global epidemic. Alibaba International Station uses 20 online exhibitions and one-stop cross-border supply chain services to solve the two major problems of shortage of orders and difficulty in fulfilling contracts.

  As a key part of the cross-border supply chain, there are currently more than 26,000 international logistics routes, supporting nearly 200 cities across the country to collect goods, covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

   Since the epidemic, the international station has adopted dynamic combined transportation methods such as sea and land transportation to monitor all lines and warehouses in real time, adjust transportation routes in time for abnormalities, and ensure the certainty of capacity services.

  Big data and smart technology help businesses make the 'best choice'. There are many types of logistics companies in the market, with different service levels and qualifications. The platform will provide customers with recommended routes based on intelligent algorithms based on historical performance data and other data.
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