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alert! BARI foreigner scammers changed their faces

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-27
A few months ago, Mr. Xie from Sinotech Logistics reported that BEJING SRL, an Italian company located in BARI, committed fraud against domestic companies and caused serious economic losses to related companies.

It is reported that the registrants of BEJING SRL are two foreigners and brothers. They often go to the ancient town of Zhongshan, Guangdong to purchase LED lighting and then sell them to Italy. At the beginning, they used large orders as bait. After paying a small fee, they defrauded the factory and logistics company of large costs without paying. After the logistics company airlifted the goods to Milan Airport, they could no longer be contacted. No one paid the payment and the air freight of 170,000 yuan. The bank bill for the small fee paid by the two brothers is real, but the bank bill for the large fee is fake. The purpose is to defraud the trust of manufacturers and logistics companies to ship the goods to Italy, and then use the middle The dispute time achieves their goal of not paying for delivery.

Since he could not find the two brothers of BEJING SRL, Mr. Xie, who was angry and anxious, used the European Overseas Chinese Newspaper to request the help of the Italian overseas Chinese and also reminded the majority of Chinese businessmen not to deal with these two scammers.

A few days ago, Mr. Xie contacted the author again and provided the latest progress of related events. After BEJING SRL was sued by Sinotech Logistics, it cancelled the original company and re-registered a new company to continue commercial fraud. The new company is called LED italia SAS, and the two brothers continue to use fake water bills to deceive Chinese LED manufacturers and China International Logistics Corporation. In addition, these two foreign scammers often wholesale the scammed goods to Chinese businessmen in Modugno and Bari. Because the fake water bills were used to defraud the merchants without paying the manufacturers or paying the freight, their wholesale prices are very cheap, but most of these products do not have CE certification, and the consequences of the Chinese merchants' purchase will be disastrous. Mr. Xie of Sinotech Logistics promised to give a lot of money in return to those who learn about the whereabouts of foreign scammers and provide help in recovering money. At the same time, once again remind Chinese businessmen to beware of such commercial fraud! Anyone who knows can contact Mr. Xie of Sinotech Logistics.

Coincidentally, the Economic and Commercial Counselor Office in Italy has also issued an early warning: Recently, our office has received several complaints of trade fraud involving metal raw materials such as silicon and magnesium. The Italian company’s operating methods are very similar. Most of them use false bank addresses to directly defraud the shipping documents delivered by the international express company, then pick up the goods through the port forwarding company, and then refuse to pay and lose contact. The Chinese company checked the bank address provided by the Italian company and found that there was no such bank locally. Since international express companies generally do not strictly check the identity information of the recipient and recipient when delivering letters within the country, such fraudulent methods have repeatedly succeeded and related Chinese companies often suffer losses. Please be vigilant when domestic companies carry out trade activities through D/P, D/P! At present, it is initially learned that the Italian company that used this method to defraud is ORGRAME SPA in NAPOLI. In view of this, Chinese businessmen are reminded to be vigilant to avoid falling into the trap of commercial fraud and suffering losses.
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