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Air special goods matters needing attention

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Several kinds of special goods transport: 1. Living plants and animals ( Or animal and plant products) - - - - Animal and plant quarantine certificates issued by the animal and plant quarantine office. Note: China southern express warehouse don't accept living animals and plants, payable to the goods, by the China southern airlines order. 2. Narcotic drugs - - - - To the ministry of health of drug administration policy of narcotics transport documents. 3. Audio and video products - - - - To save social culture management committee office send audio and video products transportation transfer certificate. 4. Canned liquid, powder items - - - - To produce manufacturer item properties. 5. Seafood - - - - Different places need different seafood packing boxes. China southern airlines and baiyun airport, respectively, with its designated special box, bubble chamber alone cannot be installed, plus the cartons and packing tape. 6. Glass must be closed the cases, a tripod. 7. Contraband goods - - - - Explosives ( Such as explosive) , compressed gas and hydraulic pressure gas ( Such as gas) , flammable and explosive liquid or solid, oxidant and organic peroxides ( Table tennis) Items, drugs, and infectious ( Such as white powder) , radioactive substances, corrosion products, Such as sulfuric acid) , magnetic objects, anesthesia items, batteries, etc.
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