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Air shipment of goods to Japan

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-17

As the third largest economy in the world and the developed country with the largest Asian economy, Japan also has a lot of trade with my country. Domestic small packages are sent to Japan, domestic shipments are delivered to Japanese customers, e-commerce trading companies send shipments to Amazon warehouses, etc. For cargo transportation, for different goods, sizes, and time requirements, you can choose the appropriate shipping method according to the actual situation. In the past, small pieces of parcels were often sent by DHL and FEDEX.

If you send large domestic shipments to Japan, FedEx will often have an advantage through express delivery. The normal delivery time can arrive in about four or five days. The price-performance ratio is also good. In addition, domestic shipments to Japan, the double clearing line, or the shipping line can also be selected. The double clearing channel, through the international logistics company to confirm whether the item can go, if it can go, the normal customs clearance is No problem. In the normal period, the time limit of the international air line is very fast, and it can be delivered in about three to four days. The Shuangqing channel is also relatively trouble-free.

It should be noted that domestic shipments to Japan often do not have tax-included channels, and the customs duty rate of Japanese customs is relatively low. Japan has relatively large restrictions on items that come into direct contact with the human body. This needs to be noted. Domestic shipments to the Amazon warehouse in Japan require prepaid tariffs, and it is often recommended to declare the value of the goods at about 25% of the selling price. It is more recommended to take the double-clearing channel or the double-clearing Hai channel.

There are multiple logistics and express methods for sending items to Japan, including international express, international shipping, and international air line. You can also arrange to arrive at the airport directly. In this way, you can provide the type, weight, size and aging requirements of the items to be shipped, or the freight budget. This can provide a suitable way to send.
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