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Air purifier air export how to go?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-16
Air purifier in recent years has become one of the top products in home appliance market mainly, popular in many countries, especially in North America, Japan, Europe and China. North America is the largest air purifier market, annual sales of nearly 4. 5 million units; The European market sales of about 4. 6 million units; The Asian market is given priority to with China and Japan, Japan in 2015 sales in 2. 34 million, although China air purifier market penetration rate was quite low, but under the circumstances of the fog haze covered, in 2015, sales reached 6. 5 million units. In 2016, our country air purifier annual sales of 5. 2 million units, predicts 2017, sales of nearly ten million units. Recently, someone may ask air purifier air export? Air purifier is mainly composed of chassis shell, filter, air duct design, motor, power supply, LCD display, etc, in addition to the motor is slightly a little bit of a problem, other are all well. Commodity code: 84213910. 00 commodity name: household type gas filtration and purification machines and devices to declare elements 1: name; 2: use; 3: principle; 4: brand; 5: model; 6: power rating ( The electric does not need to indicate the rated power) Tax refund rate: 15%, no regulatory conditions. Commodity code: 84213990. 90, name of commodity: gas filtration, purification machines and other devices to declare elements 1: name; 2: use; 3: if equipped with stainless steel shell should mark; 4: if equipped with stainless steel shell to indicate the inlet pipe and outlet pipe diameter; Five: principle; 6: brand; 7: model; 8: rated power ( The electric does not need to indicate the rated power) ; Tax refund rate: 15%, no regulatory conditions. Commodity code: 85437099. 90, name of commodity: their names other electrical equipment and devices with independent functions declared element 1: name; 2: use; 3: function; 4: brand; 5: model rebates: 17%, no regulatory conditions. Air requirements: contain magnetic, or under certain conditions can produce magnetic goods, such as motor, engine, etc. , will be required to do the magnetic inspection, over the airline's magnetic scope, cannot transport. Air purifier should avoid violent broke in transit, touch and scratch, and a variety of external pressure. The packing of the air purifier shall guarantee the goods during transport from damage, filter need to be packed in wooden cases packing fixed well. A wide-bodied aircraft carrier of the goods, volume per piece not more than 40 * 60 * 100 cm, weight is generally not more than 250 kilograms. Air purifier can air export, long sail international logistics have professional operation team and customer service team to track the transport of goods, timely response and deal with all kinds of possible problems. The entire Internet can track query the workings of the goods; Transport security: from beginning to end, ensure the goods condition, and the third party insurance.
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