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Air - personal belongings Airport customs declaration, customs clearance

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
What is the airport customs clearance? Airport clearance refers to the imported goods and export goods and goods enter or exit a country customs border or frontier must declare to the customs, the customs regulation in all kinds of formalities, fulfill the obligations stipulated in the regulations. Personal belongings airport customs need to pay attention to what issues? If there is wood packaging; If it is brand goods, if you need power of attorney; Whether you need to do 3 c; Whether you need the commodity inspection; Did you have a right of import and export; If you can provide the complete data; The value of the goods. Airport: private goods import declaration process and the required documents will be a full set of clearance documents mail entrusted by the airport customs declaration agency; Customs broker with the power of attorney (bills of lading Or the arrival of the notice) To the airline agent warehouse random file; The port inspection, customs clearance single; Declare to the customs; Customs document examination, such as through the examination of documents, the bill; Pay tax to the customs; Deliver the post office. Airport customs clearance process: 1. International cargo terminal or airport arrival of the goods freight company, Including DHL, federal, etc. ) Station staff will notify the owner directly, if the agent, the agent directly to change ChanQing clearance; 2. Along with the invoice according to the owner or agent to change air ( Such as relatively far from the airport, also can entrust your customs broker to change, to write personal power of attorney) General clauses in the waybill and takes the CI and packing list; 3. Put the original CI, packing list and trade contract, send customs clearance agent customs clearance information; 4. Customs clearance agency to complete the declaration formalities.
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