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air freight in decline for eighth consecutive month: iata

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-27
Geneva [Switzerland], Aug 7 (ANI)
: International Air Transport Association (IATA)
According to data from the global air freight market released on Wednesday, demand in terms of freight tonnage (FTKs)decreased by 4.
Compared with the same period in June 2019, it was 8% per cent in 2018.
This is the eighth month in a row. on-
Annual decline in freight volume.
It seems too early to show signs of a moderate recovery in recent months, as the economy contracted in June
Headquarters are available in all regions except Africa.
Capacity growth remains sluggish and cargo loading factors continue to decline.
Global trade growth is weakening, and the latest US tariff growth is fueling business uncertainty.
China trade dispute
\"Global trade continues to suffer as trade is tight ---
Especially between the United States and China. -
Alexander de Juniak, director-general and CEO of IATA, said.
\"As a result, the air freight market continues to shrink.
No one can win the trade war.
The border areas open to trade have continued to prosper.
This is something that our political leaders must pay attention . \"
Airlines in Asia Pacific and the Middle East again suffered the biggest drop in the yearon-
Total air freight in June 2019 increased year on year.
Africa is the only region with growth.
Asia Pacific\'s demand for air freight contracts has increased five times.
Compared with the same period in June 2019, it was 4% per cent in 2018.
Although the United States is an important factor
China\'s trade war is not the only reason for China\'s economic downturn.
Over the past year, FTKs in the Asian internal market has fallen by more than ten per cent.
Increase in air capacity 1.
8% in the same period.
Cargo demand for North American Airlines fell by 4.
Compared with the same period last year, June 2019 was 6 percentage points.
Capacity Increase 1.
9 per cent in the past year. US-
China\'s trade tensions with Asia are dragging down the performance of the FTKs.
FTKs on routes to and from Europe, South America and the Middle East are also lower.
European airlines announced 3.
Compared with the same period last year, freight demand fell by 6 percentage points in June 2019.
Relatively strong cargo volumes within Europe helped minimize the impact of weak German exports.
Capacity Increase 2. 8-per year-on-year.
Compared with last year, Middle East Airlines\'s cargo volume dropped by 7 percentage points in June 2019. ago period.
Capacity Increase 2. 7 per cent. Seasonally-
Since the end of 2018, adjusted demand has been declining, the latest data show that the number of demand in Europe (minus 7. 2 per cent)
Asia Pacific region (minus 6. 5 per cent)
Very weak.
Compared with the same period last year, Latin American airlines reduced freight demand by 1 percentage point in June 2019 and increased capacity by 4 percentage points. 6 per cent.
The decline in traffic is mainly due to the weakness of the South American market (
Brazil and Argentina in particular)
Where FTKs fell 65 per cent.
African airlines is the only airline reporting growth in demand in June 2019.
Compared with the same period a year ago, 8%.
This has led Africa to perform best for the fourth consecutive month.
Capacity growth of 16. 6 per cent.
Analysis of routes shows strong performance in Africa and Asia. -
Up 12 year on yearon-year. (ANI)
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