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Air common terms in both Chinese and English contrast

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
The International Civil Aviation Organization International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO) International Air Transport Association, International Air Transport Association ( IATA) Chartered flight transportation Scheduled Airline transportation Chartered Carrier Consolidation Consolidation Air Express, Air Express Waybill Air Waybill Master Air Waybill Master Air Waybill, MAWB) Air Waybill House Air Waybill ( HAWB) Chargeable Weight Chargeable Weight of heavy High density cargo lightweight Low density cargo declaration value cost Valuation earlier transportation Declared value Declared value for Carriage are not required to declare value No value Declared ( NVD) Customs declaration Value Declared Value for Customs without declaration Value No Customs valuation ( NCV) General cargo freight Specific Commodity Rates ( 可控硅) Equivalent goods freight Commodity Classification Rates ( CCR) General Cargo freight General Cargo Rates ( GCR) Container equipment Unit Load Devices ( ULD Construction Rate Construction Rate Combination Rate Combination of Rate
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