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after failed summit us imposes sanctions on north korea

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-25
The United States imposed sanctions on two Chinese shipping companies on Thursday, saying it helped North Korea evade sanctions on its nuclear weapons program, which is from the United States-
The North Korean summit failed last month.
The United States imposed sanctions on two Chinese shipping companies on Thursday, saying it helped North Korea evade sanctions on its nuclear weapons program, which is from the United States-
The North Korean summit failed last month.
S. Treasury Department also issued a new announcement listing 67 ships that had illegally transferred refined oil with North Korean tankers or are believed to have exported North Korean coal.
The ministry has identified the companies for the new sanctions as Dalian Haibo International Freight Co. , Ltd. and Liaoning Danxing International Freight Co. , Ltd. , and said it will help North Korea to evade US and international sanctions.
Reuters could not find a contact for any company seeking comment.
S. Sanctions ban the United States from dealing with designated companies and freezing any of their assets in the United States.
The United States has led the international community\'s efforts to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programs through sanctions.
Three weeks before Washington announced the sanctions, President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held their second meeting, talks about North Korea\'s demand to lift sanctions and the United States\'s demand for conflict in Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons.
\"America and our kind --
Thoughtful partners remain committed to achieving the ultimate, fully verified nuclear-free North Korea and believe that the full implementation of the DPRK-
S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement: \"The relevant UN Security Council resolutions are critical to a successful outcome . \".
\"The Treasury will continue to enforce our sanctions, and we make it clear that shipping companies use deception to cover up illegal trade with North Korea, which exposes huge risks,\" he said . \".
A senior US official, who declined to be named, told reporters that the latest sanctions showed some \"leaks\" from China\'s sanctions against North Korea, but mainly to comply with UN resolutions.
If financial and shipping companies are found to have violated the sanctions, it is possible for them to take action, the official said.
However, the official insisted Thursday\'s statement was aimed at maintaining sanctions against North Korea rather than increasing pressure.
Declined to say if Washington tried to send a copy
The official, who conveyed the summit message to Pyongyang, said Trump \"has made it clear that the door to continuing dialogue with North Korea is open. \"US-
North Korea\'s involvement seems uncertain since the February 27
28 The Summit in Hanoi, although US Secretary of State Mike Pompey said on March 4 that he wanted to send a team to North Korea \"in the coming weeks.
Washington says its goal is to re-
Contacts with Kim Jong Il, but North Korea has warned that unless Washington makes concessions, it is considering suspending negotiations and may reconsider the missile and nuclear test freeze imposed since 2017.
On Monday, two senior U. S. Senators called on the Trump administration to correct the slowdown in U. S. sanctions against North Korea, saying that diplomatic contacts between the United States and Pyongyang have decreased significantly over the past year.
They pointed out that a recent UN report found that North Korea continued to ignore UN sanctions as oil products and coal smuggling increased and weapons sales bans violated.
The UN sanctions Group said in the report that Liaoning Danxing was suspected of illegally transporting Mercedes-Benz
A Mercedes-Benz limousine to North Korea.
Reported that on last July, The Netherlands seized Belarusian vodka on its way to North Korea via the company and was also banned as a luxury.
Liaoning Danxing is now used-
The panel said that as an abandoned website of the North Korean shipping agency, it has established \"the first container shipping line\" between China\'s Dalian and the Western North Korean port of Nanpu \".
The Ministry of Finance said Dalian Haibo\'s goal was to deal with Paeksol Trading Company, which was previously sanctioned by the United States for North Korea.
It is reported that in early 2018, Dalian Haibo transported goods from Dalian, China, to Paeksol in the south slope of North Korea. Ships flying flags
Liaoning Danxing \"frequently uses cheating\" to enable North Korean purchasing officials in the EU to work, the statement said.
North Korea\'s evasive tactics include disabling or manipulating automatic identification systems, carrying out physical modifications to vessels, transferring goods between vessels, and forging cargo documents, the ministry said.
It says that ships involved ships visit portsto-
Vessel transfers include transfers from Taiwan, China, Russia and South Korea.
The Ministry of Finance said that in 2018, North Korean ports received refined oil delivered by at least 263 tankers through the United Nations. Ships prohibited-to-ship transfers.
North Korea says it will import three if the tanker is fully loaded.
78 million barrels-more than 7-
According to the UN resolution, 1/2 times the annual oil of 500,000 barrels.
One of the 67 ships mentioned by the United States is South Korea, which the South Korean Foreign Ministry said on Friday is on the watch list and any violation of sanctions will be thoroughly investigated.
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