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Advantages of container shipping?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-27
The use of containers is indispensable in logistics transportation. Container transportation is different from traditional transportation and is a new type of logistics transportation mode. As one of the current logistics transportation methods commonly used in logistics, what are the advantages of container transportation? Let's take a look at the four advantages of containers with Xiaobian. Container transportation is a new type of high-efficiency and high-efficiency transportation method that uses large containers to assemble and assemble goods to facilitate the loading and unloading of large-scale transportation machines, thereby better achieving 'door-to-door' transportation of goods. Advantage one, efficient transportation 1) High loading and unloading power. 2) High utilization rate of transportation vehicles 3) High capital turnover. 4) Save the cost of packing and transportation. 5) Improve the utilization rate of the warehouse. In short, container transportation improves the efficiency of loading and unloading operations. As container loading and unloading operations are suitable for mechanization, the efficiency of loading and unloading operations has been greatly improved. At the same time, the dwell time of the container station (port) is greatly shortened, the turnover of vehicles and ships and the delivery of goods are accelerated. Advantage two, efficient transportation 1) Simplify packaging and save a lot of packaging costs. 2) Reduce cargo damage, improve freight quality. 3) Reduce operating expenses and transportation costs. Cargo damage and spreads have been greatly reduced, and cargo insurance costs have also fallen. After carrying out the 'door-to-door' transportation business, it can save a lot of warehouse construction costs and warehouse operation costs. With this mode of transportation, cargo transportation safety can be more ensured. Container transportation greatly reduces the number of manual loading, unloading, and handling times in the traditional mode of transportation, which can avoid freight accidents such as damage to the goods caused by human and natural factors, and reduce economic losses. container shipping Image source: Internet Advantage three, highly cooperative transportation mode Container transportation is a complex transportation system project that involves a wide range, many links and a large impact. The container transportation system includes shipping, land transportation, air transportation, ports, freight stations, and units and departments related to container transportation such as customs, commodity inspection, shipping agency companies, and freight forwarding companies. If they do not cooperate with each other properly, it will affect the functioning of the entire transportation system. If a link fails, it will definitely affect the overall situation and even cause transportation production to stop and be interrupted. Therefore, a high degree of coordination among all links and departments of the entire transportation system is required. At the same time, under this model, a good atmosphere of cooperation among various departments has been promoted, and cooperation between various departments has been enhanced. Advantage four, multimodal transport mode Container shipping simplifies freight operations. After the goods are transported in containers, the boxes are used as the transport unit for the goods, which reduces the complicated operation links and simplifies the freight operation procedures. When the container transportation is reloaded between different transportation modes, it is not necessary to transport the goods in the box but only to reload the container, which improves the efficiency of the reloading operation and is suitable for joint transportation between different transportation modes. When reloading and transhipment, the customs and relevant supervision units only need to seal or check the seal for clearance, thereby improving transportation efficiency. In summary, compared with traditional transportation, container transportation has the advantages of high efficiency, high efficiency, high collaboration, and multimodal transportation, which can better realize 'door to door' logistics transportation.
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