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Accelerate the integrated development of a new

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-03
Cultivate new opportunities in the crisis and open new games in the changing game. As the epidemic prevention and control becomes normal, grasping the new round of scientific and technological revolution represented by 5G, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies is not only required for high-quality economic development, but also for industrial transformation and upgrading.

How to implement the 'six stability' and 'six guarantees' work to ensure that the government work report decision-making deployment takes root? People's Daily Online launched a series of reports on 'New Machines and New Bureaus in Education', interviews with heads of regulatory authorities, talked about cutting-edge industry thinking, and interpreted policy and regulatory planning.

Currently, the global manufacturing industry is undergoing profound changes, and major developed countries have taken digital transformation as a strategic choice to consolidate the global leading position of manufacturing. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the digital transformation of my country's manufacturing industry. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the need to 'promote the high-quality development of manufacturing as an important part of building a modern economic system.' The 2020 government work report clearly proposes to 'promote the upgrading of manufacturing and the development of emerging industries', 'developing the industrial Internet, and promoting intelligent manufacturing', 'strengthening the construction of new infrastructure, and developing a new generation of information networks', which will contribute to the digitalization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing Transformation points the way.

Recently, Li Ying, the first-level inspector of the Information Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said in an exclusive interview with People’s Daily that it is necessary to deeply grasp the historical opportunity of the restructuring of the global value chain of the manufacturing industry and the major adjustment of the international division of labor, and accelerate the promotion of a new generation of information The in-depth integration of technology and manufacturing, 'innovation through integration, transformation through innovation, and development through transformation', will promote China's manufacturing industry to move toward the mid-to-high end of the value chain and reshape new competitive advantages.

The following is the full text of the interview:

People's Daily Online: During the epidemic, we saw that the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing has become an important way to promote accelerated innovation in my country's production methods, industrial patterns, and business models. Based on new opportunities for historical development, what are the new connotations of the integrated development of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing?

Li Ying: At present, the world is in an era of rapid transformation from an industrial economy to a digital economy. A new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation has bred up and formed a historic intersection with the transformation and upgrading of my country's manufacturing industry. Standing in a new historical position, we must deeply understand the connotation and significance of the integrated development of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing, continue to deepen the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, accelerate the cultivation of new drivers of economic development, and strongly support the construction of a manufacturing power and a network power.

First of all, the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing is an important engine for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. To realize the transformation of China’s economic development mode and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, we must firmly grasp the golden historical opportunities brought by informatization, base ourselves on the foundation of the manufacturing industry as a powerful country, and regard integrated development as the promotion of quality and efficiency changes in China’s manufacturing industry. The strategic fulcrum of dynamic change. The new generation of information technology and the manufacturing industry are mutually infiltrated and deeply integrated, accelerating the restructuring of manufacturing production methods and corporate forms, prompting the manufacturing industry to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and enhance core competitiveness.

Second, the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing is an important measure to stimulate new momentum in the digital economy. The integrated development of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing has entered a period of accelerated development of innovation breakthroughs, deep penetration, and diffusion of applications, and its role in promoting the conversion of new and old kinetic energy has become increasingly prominent. Convergent development has fully released the innovative leading role of a new generation of information technology. The information flow drives the flow of technology, capital, and talent, triggers profound changes in the production organization model, business operation logic, and value creation mechanism, and continuously generates new technologies, new products, New business formats and new models will expand the development space of the manufacturing industry and continue to inject new momentum into the development and growth of the digital economy.

Third, the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing is an inevitable choice to seize the commanding heights of a new round of global industrial competition. At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is spreading globally, the risk of global economic recession is increasing, and it is difficult to reconstruct the rules of economic globalization. The integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing has become a way for countries around the world to resolve the epidemic crisis, adjust unbalanced industrial structures, and build new competitive advantages. Important move. Convergent development is conducive to speeding up the breakthrough of core technologies such as high-end industrial software, industrial intelligence, and key equipment, and mastering a batch of internationally competitive killer technologies; converging development is conducive to promoting the construction of digital supply chains, providing various subjects, elements and links in the supply chain Empowerment and intelligence, effectively improve flexible production and rapid conversion capabilities; integrated development is conducive to the development of China's manufacturing industry in a more advanced form, a more optimized division of labor, and a more reasonable structure. The construction of a domestic large cycle as the main body, domestic and international dual cycles promote each other New pattern of development.

People's Daily Online: What are the important achievements of the integration of my country's new generation of information technology and manufacturing? What typical cases have emerged?

Li Ying: In recent years, with the full promotion of all sectors of society, my country's new generation of information technology and manufacturing integration has achieved remarkable results, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

First, the integration of the two technologies is deepening, and the foundation of industrial digitalization is constantly consolidated. At present, most of the enterprises in my country have a solid foundation for the integration of the two, and the informatization of some links has been basically realized. The focus of the integration development is shifting from 'deepening local applications' to 'breaking through full integration.' In 2019, the level of development of the integration of industrialization and industrialization across the country reached 54.5. In the past five years, it has continued to maintain a growth rate of 2%-3%. The proportion of enterprises that have reached the stage of integration improvement has increased to 22.8%, and the distribution structure has been upgraded to a middle high and low end 'Spindle' structure. There are more than 25,000 companies that have implemented the standard for the integration of the management system of industrialization and industrialization, and nearly 10,000 companies have been assessed, guiding companies to implement more than 30,000 new capacity building projects, providing strong support for accelerating the digital transformation of the industry.

The second is the rapid development of industrial Internet platforms, which has an obvious role in empowering enterprises to transform into digital. As the core of the industrial Internet, the industrial Internet platform is becoming a key carrier for the integration and innovation of industrial technology and 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies. It is becoming the basic support for the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and becoming a high-quality economic development. Important cornerstone. With the unified deployment of the country, the vigorous promotion of various regions, and the active investment of enterprises, my country's industrial Internet platform has ushered in a period of rapid development. According to incomplete statistics, the country has more than 70 industrial Internet platforms with certain regional and industry influence, the average number of industrial equipment connections reached 690,000 units, the average number of industrial models exceeded 1,100, and the average industrial APP reached 2,120. A number of integrated application cases have emerged in aerospace, automotive, electronics, home appliances and other industries, and the role of empowering enterprises to accelerate digital transformation has become increasingly prominent.

Third, breakthroughs were made in cross-industry integration and innovation and opened up a new track for industrial development. By continuing to deepen the integration of the two, promote the in-depth application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and blockchain in various scenarios, forming a number of representative innovation models and new business forms. As of the end of 2019, the proportion of enterprises nationwide that achieved networked collaboration, personalized customization, and service-oriented manufacturing were 36.2%, 8.8%, and 26.2%, respectively. Networked collaboration is popularized in aircraft, shipbuilding, electronics and other industries. Companies such as COMAC, CSSC, and Huawei have developed new collaborative research and development methods such as model-based design (MBD) and integrated research and development process (IPD); large-scale personalized customization is in Home appliances, clothing, furniture and other industries are widely promoted. A group of innovative companies such as Qingdao Red Collar, Shangpin Home Delivery, and Xiaomi Technology have achieved contrarian growth by building new production models; service-oriented manufacturing is in construction machinery, power equipment, fan manufacturing, etc. With the rapid development of the industry, businesses such as full life cycle management and financial leasing have increasingly become important sources of profits for companies such as Sany, Xugong, and Goldwind.

People's Daily Online: As early as in the report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it was proposed to 'promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization'. In the current critical period of coordinating the prevention and control of epidemics and economic and social development, how to further promote the integration of informatization and industrialization and reopen Bureau?

Li Ying: Those who do not seek the overall situation are not enough to seek a domain. On the whole, advancing the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization is a long-term systematic project involving multiple subjects, multiple links, and multiple fields, and it is necessary to explore scientific development paths from different levels such as points, lines, and surfaces. In the post-epidemic era, we must be good at turning crises into opportunities, make full use of the new generation of information technology, consolidate the foundation, deepen applications, cultivate momentum, optimize services, and help epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. 'Victory', accelerate the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, and provide strong support for high-quality development.

The first is to consolidate the foundation and accelerate the deployment of digital 'new infrastructure'. First, continue to implement the industrial Internet innovation and development project, build a high-quality, multi-level and systematic industrial Internet platform system, cultivate and promote platform-based system solutions, and accelerate the construction of an industrial Internet platform application innovation promotion center. Second, implement the national software development strategy, accelerate the development of the software industry, and promote the development, innovation and industrialization of industrial software and industrial APP. Third, coordinate and promote the construction of the national industrial Internet big data center, guide local construction of sub-centers, and improve the level of aggregation, application and sharing of industrial data resources.

The second is to deepen the application and promote the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. First, speed up the digital transformation of the entire enterprise chain, promote the use of industrial equipment and core businesses on the cloud platform, and improve the capabilities of integrated management, network collaboration, data connectivity, software development, intelligent applications and security protection, and form data-driven collaborative design and flexibility Production, lean management, intelligent operation and maintenance and other modes. Second, focus on the integration and application needs of key industries such as raw materials, equipment, consumer products, and electronic information, grasp the law of the diffusion of new generation information technology in different industries, links, and fields, formulate a digital transformation roadmap by industry, and explore scientific methods, flexible mechanisms, and The differentiated development model of separate industry policy. Third, guide the digital transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters such as new industrialization industry demonstration bases and high-tech industrial development zones, accelerate the co-construction and sharing of infrastructure such as communication networks, data centers, and energy management and control centers, promote the construction of public service platforms for industrial clusters, and encourage clusters Enterprises use platforms to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of industrial clusters.

The third is to cultivate momentum and develop new models and new formats. First, accelerate the digital transformation, online convergence and platform sharing of resource elements such as R&D, manufacturing, management, commerce, logistics, and incubation, release the potential of data, integrate and utilize the resource elements of the whole society to carry out entrepreneurial innovation activities, and create a 'double' in the manufacturing industry. Create an upgraded version. Second, promote the fusion of innovative applications of new technologies such as 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence with industrial Internet platforms, foster new models of platform-based networked collaboration, intelligent production, personalized customization, and service-oriented extensions, and promote intelligent manufacturing , Precision, flexibility, and green development. Third, develop and expand new business formats such as shared manufacturing, industrial e-commerce, modern supply chains, and industrial chain finance, further expand and upgrade information consumption, and expand new spaces for industrial development.

The fourth is to optimize services and create a modern industrial intelligent governance system. First, promote the construction of an integrated industrial big data platform, establish a key industry data collection and analysis system, and construct a multi-level industrial cloud map of the country, province and city by category and industry. Second, support the construction of a nationwide strategic material guarantee dispatch platform, rely on the platform to promote the precise docking of strategic material supply and demand, dynamically optimize the strategic material production capacity layout and reserve structure, and strengthen the industry's emergency response ability to respond to emergencies. Third, improve the upstream and downstream cross-industry, cross-regional, and cross-enterprise collaboration mechanisms of the supply chain of the industrial chain, and enhance the capabilities of 'dual-chain' analysis and early warning, resource integration, and dynamic adjustment to create stable operation, element sharing, capability complementation, and value co-creation Industry chain supply chain.

People's Daily Online: In order to further promote integrated development and promote the continuous growth of new advantages of the digital economy. How does the Information Technology Development Department provide relevant guidance and support from the institutional level?

Li Ying: In order to further promote integrated development, our company will take Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guidance, thoroughly implement the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on integrated development, focusing on policy formulation, system innovation, ecological construction and talent training We have continuously strengthened system construction and provided relevant guidance and support for localities, industries and enterprises.

One is to adhere to the orientation of raising the flag and improve the integrated development policy. Firmly establish new development concepts, promote the promulgation and continuous implementation of policy documents on deepening the integrated development of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing, implement digital transformation actions in the manufacturing industry, and study and formulate new models of manufacturing enterprises based on Internet-based entrepreneurial innovation and manufacturing digital transformation Implementation guidelines such as business types guide various localities to strengthen the supply of integrated development policies and form a policy system suitable for integrated development. Establish a policy implementation and promotion system with the coordination of ministries and commissions and the linkage of ministries and provinces, and continue to strengthen work synergy.

The second is to persist in deepening reforms and promote innovation in systems and mechanisms. Deepen the reform of “delegating management and service”, adhere to the principle of inclusive and prudent supervision, promote the simplification of administrative examination and approval matters in the field of integrated development, and strengthen supervision during and after the event. Vigorously cultivate new models and business forms of integrated development, promote relaxation of market access restrictions, and lower industry entry barriers. Remove the institutional barriers that restrict the free flow of talent, capital, technology, data and other elements, and strengthen the fundamental status of competition policy. Improve the performance evaluation mechanism, and promote the establishment of a classification evaluation and assessment system oriented by the quality, contribution and performance of integration and innovation.

The third is to persist in multi-party cooperation and build an integrated development ecosystem. Deepen the integration of industry and finance, support the construction of a service platform that integrates industry and finance, encourage the establishment of industrial Internet industry funds, and guide multi-level capital markets to increase support for integrated development. Establish a new standard system for integrated development that combines government leadership and market independence, organize the development of industry standards, national standards, and international standards in key areas, and innovate to implement the standardization of the integrated management system. Accelerate the joint construction and sharing of patent information resources, and increase the protection of intellectual property rights for new innovations in the field of technology, data, and business models in the integrated development field.

The fourth is to adhere to the people-oriented approach and strengthen the cultivation of innovative talents. Promote the development of integration of production and education, build a 'new engineering' talent training service platform such as the Industrial Internet Innovation Experience Center, enrich the 'new engineering' curriculum resources, and use information technology to apply innovative teaching models to create knowledge resource sharing, free talent flow, and close supply and demand A docked joint talent training system. Promote the integration of programming teaching into basic education, and encourage ordinary primary and secondary schools to strengthen the enlightenment and cultivation of basic software knowledge, abilities and concepts in courses and practical activities. Guide the holding of industrial Internet competitions, industrial big data competitions and other activities, and rely on the competitions to excavate outstanding talents and stimulate their vitality.
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