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Absolute dry: in 2017, the global trade market strategy map

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Many small and medium-sized enterprise don't understand how after products to foreign distribution, don't understand why a high market share, a small market share; Why a particular market counterparts do well, but anyway must not enter; Why put from year to year, but not output? It is obvious that strategy out of the question. You need to know about the market, and understand that the capacity of their products on the market, the level of competition, business opportunities, etc. Here with we will be on the premise of data analysis, introduce a few we have to figure in Italy in 2017. The importance of central Asia and Russia region along the don't have to. You know fairly well. Actually five central Asian countries are not many, but the investment bank in central Asia and has a lot of money for highway construction, the late is the construction of infrastructure. Around China to secure all the way, must be need to settle these countries, or are poor tinkling ring bandits along the way, who dare to go on this dart? Necessary to do well in this market, two aspects: first, do all to the mobile web and mobile phones can be covered, because the computer network is not developed, but the mobile phone network developed; Second, the language problem, where people speak Russian, to enter the market, the Russian team must be formed. India market India exports still achieved growth in 2016, but not much. But on November 8, 2016 began to waste money to greatly influence the import, so can have growth is not easy. Waste money, of course, to influence will continue, but to concentrate a lot of money in the bank, to India's infrastructure, more help to bank lending operations. India's large population, abundant of bank funds is a large market capacity. So, we still need to continue focus on India market. Indian market is low end the market, at the same time, the Indian bargaining famous all over the world. The market still should see the positioning of the enterprise. Vietnam/Philippines/Thailand market is a new type of manufacturing countries. Many factories are constantly move to Vietnam, so need a lot of infrastructure. Checked some products are exported to Vietnam, in 2015 than in 2014 increased by 104%, in November 2016, the data has increased by 110% than in 2015. And the Philippines is in November 2016 to Chinese customs data released by the cumulative growth compared to the same only in a country with more than two digits ( Only three growth, the second is 7 in Russia. 2, the third is that India 0. 5) 。 The decline in Thailand, but the decline is not much. The three countries in common is that a large number of enterprises to move in, first the infrastructure related products demand increase, another is the consumer-goods ascend, because income increased, increase spending power. Still have even if, in the Philippines and Vietnam have some port in China's strategic investment and construction, to bypass the malacca strategy. Spanish market is actually the small language that has been said, the main is Spanish. China and the spanish-speaking countries trade development is rapid, the main reason is the simple manufactured goods in great demand in China market. Spanish market for electrical equipment, industrial equipment, hardware, household appliances, construction, furniture, medical supplies, cosmetics, sports supplies, clothing and footwear, food and beverage, bags and other products demand is bigger. Spain: is one of the foreign trade developed countries, mainly imported oil and industrial raw materials, machinery and consumer goods, etc. Argentina: mainly depend on the industry, such as machinery and equipment, industrial raw materials, chemicals, etc. Colombia: main imports of machinery and equipment, chemical products, agricultural and sideline products, textiles and metal materials, etc. Mexico: in Mexico, the purchasing power of domestic consumers and rising living standards, more broad consumer market, but also competitive. In addition to the electronic products, all kinds of consumer goods such as clothing, gifts, jewelry and watches, especially industrial materials, such as hardware, automotive materials, electronic components, chemical products and textile, etc. And a highlight of the note. Edit summary: xi big 'One Belt And One Road' important deployment of trade as a national strategy in recent years, great for China and international trade, and international transportation industry as we are. Small make up summarizes several main countries of China's foreign trade market, hope to be able to help you the next global trade planning and deployment. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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