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About the container, you know?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
English name of container container, it is to point to have a certain strength, stiffness and large loading container specifications for use. Use container transport goods, can be directly on the shipper's warehouse loading and unloading, shipped to the consignee's warehouse midway replacement car, ship, the goods do not need to change from the inside out. As currently the most widely used transport carrier, one of the biggest container is the standardization of its products, and thus established a complete set of transport system. Small make up today for everyone to explain some of container family members: standard containers, special containers, container freezer. We can according to the above three types to see these container & other; Face & throughout; 。 ( The APL container data source, there are subtle differences between various owners, published by the shipowner shall prevail! ) Standard container, container type is four classes: 20 gp, 40 gp, 40 hq, 45 hq. Gp: 20 gp = 20 General Purpose, namely common small box 20 feet. 40 gp: 40 gp = 40 General Purpose, which is 40 feet common trunk. 40 hq: 40 hq = 40 High Cube container, also the common High box is 40 feet. 45 hq: 45 hq = 45 High Cube Container, the common High box is 45 feet. Open top containers of special containers, special containers, framework tank, tank. Open top cabinet: as the name implies, is the top open, usually equipped with waterproof canvas cover and cable sealing device can be handling framework. Apply to inconvenience forklift loading, inconvenient to take out the goods or the port of destination. Open top cabinet is divided into: 20 ot with 40 ot both types, detailed introduction is as follows. Ot: 20 ot = 20 Open Top Container, which is 20 feet Open Top cabinet. Ot: 40 40 ot = 40 Open Top Container, which is 40 feet Open Top cabinet. Frame cabinet: characteristic is no roof and side wall, even end walls are removed and only base plate and four Angle of the container. Grew up suitable for loading and heavy parts, such as heavy machinery, steel, wood, steel ingot, etc. Frame cabinet is divided into: 20 fr and 40 fr both types, detailed introduction is as follows. Fr: 20 fr = 20 Flat Rack containers, tank is 20 feet framework. 40 fr: 40 fr = 40 Flat Rack Container, which is 40 feet frame cabinet. Tank cabinet: this cabinet or transporting dangerous amounts of bulk liquid dangerous the safest, most effective and the most economic and the environmental protection tools, undertake liquid cargo shipment, the goods such as wine, oil and liquid chemicals. 20 Tank Container, that is, 20 feet Tank type ark. Frozen ark container: frozen ark is exported to freeze, keep the temperature of the goods container, such as: frozen fish and aquatic products, frozen poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen poultry meat, dairy products, etc. Frozen cabinet is divided into: the two types of rh in rf 20 and 40 concrete is introduced as follows. Rf: 20 rf = 20 Refrigerated Container, which is 20 feet frozen ark. Rh: 40 40 rh = 40 Refrigerated High Cube Container, which is 40 feet big freeze. Edit summary: today about the knowledge that the container is introduced here, the collection up to enrich my professional knowledge! Container type real sense is, of course, these aren't the only ones, small make up today to introduce these is we use frequency more at ordinary times. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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