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About issuing FBA certification

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-19
Let's talk about those things about FBA certification:

More and more sellers choose the FBA shipping service, and they also encounter various problems. Among them, the more prominent ones are chatting with you today:
1. The seller reports that the product has been exported and there is no requirement for this certification. There are many offenses, explained as follows:
a) The certification is aimed at the product, and the certification of the product is required by the customs.

b) Logistics method: Express delivery mainly focuses on customs clearance
By air, the official customs clearance is just not found.
The formal customs clearance by sea, but just not found

c) Assuming that there is no certification, no matter whether it is by sea or air, as long as it is found by the customs and cannot be provided, it will be stuck by the customs.
d) As mentioned in a., normally the corresponding products need to provide corresponding certification to ensure customs clearance
*Different countries and corresponding products may require different certifications, which need to be confirmed separately to ensure safe transportation*

Common certifications are as follows:
FCC: Generally, live products need to be provided.
FDA: As long as the human body is involved, everything related to human health needs to be provided.
MSDS: Chemical Safety Data Sheet
UN38.3: Safety inspection report.
DOT: Car headlights need to be provided.
SGS: Like bicycle helmets, products involving non-destructive testing need to be provided.

2. Flammable products
Such products are dangerous goods
Typical representatives: matches, candles;
The two products mentioned above are very likely to be returned by the warehouse even if they enter the warehouse of the port of shipment; some candles also need to provide FDA certification;
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