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A summary of common abbreviations in marine container business, Chinese and English!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
In multinational logistics, many people choose to use sea containers for transportation. Containers are a component tool that can load packaged or unpackaged goods for transportation, and is convenient for loading and unloading with mechanical equipment. As the most widely used transportation carrier in the world today, so far, there is no item in the global business volume of containers that can replace it. Because the container business involves more countries, people in the industry often use abbreviations or English abbreviations to replace complex full names. Today, the editor will give you a summary of some acronyms that are often used in the shipping container business, including Chinese and English. A/W All WaterANER Asia North America Eastbound Rate B/L Bill of Lading B/L Bill of Lading B/R Buying Rate BAF Fuel Surcharge Bunker AdjustmentFactor Cu0026F Cost and Ocean Freight COST AND FREIGHT C.C Freight CollectC.SC Container Service Charge Container Service Charge C.Y. Container Yard C/(CNEE) Consignee ConsigneeC/O Certificate of Origin CAF Currency Exchange Rate Surcharge Currency Adjustment Factor CFS Container Freight Station CFS/CFS Bulk Delivery (Start/End) CHB Customs House Broker CIF cost, insurance plus ocean freight COST, INSURANCE, FRIGHTCIP freight, insurance premium to the destination Carriage and Insurance Paid ToCOMM CommodityCPT freight to the destination Carriage Paid ToCTNR cabinet ContainerCY/CY full container delivery (starting point /End)  D/A Document Against Acceptance D/O Delivery Order D/O Delivery Order D/P Document Against PaymentDAF Delivered At Frontier DDC Destination Delivery Charge DDP Delivered Duty Paid DDU Unpaid Duty Paid Delivered Duty UnpaidDEQ Delivered Ex QuayDES Delivered Ex QuayDES Delivered Ex ShipDoc# Document Number Document NumberEPS Equipment Position SurchargesEx Factory Delivery Work/ExFactoryF/F Freight Forwarder Freight ForwarderFAF Fuel AdjustmentFactorFAK All kinds of goods Freight All KindFAS Free Alongside ShipFCA Free Alongside ShipFCA Free CarrierFCL Full Container LoadFeeder Vessel/Lighter Barge Voyage FEU 40' Container Type Forty-Foot Equivalent Unit 40'FMC Federal Maritime CommissionFOB Free On Board GRI General Rate Increase General Rate Increase H/C Agency Fee Handling Charge HBL Sub-Bill of Lading House B/LI/S Inside SalesIA Individual Price Adjustment Independent Action L/C Letter of Credit Letter of CreditLand Bridge Land Bridge LCL Consolidation Less Than Container LoadM /T Measurement TonMB/L Master Bill Of Loading MLB Master Bill Of Loading MLB Small land bridge, from one port to another Minni Land Bridge Mother Vessel MTD Multimodal Transport Document N/F Notice Person NotifyNVOCC Non Vessel OperatingCommon CarrierO/F Ocean Freight O/F Ocean FreightOBL Ocean (or original)B/LOCP Ocean (or original)B/LOCP The shipper arranges the shipment to the inland point Overland Continental PointOPOperationORC Local collection fee (collected by Guangdong Province) Origen Recevie ChargesP.P Prepaid PrepaidPCS Port Congestion SurchargePOD Port Congestion SurchargePOD Destination Port Port Of DestinationPOL Loading Port Port Of LoadingPSS Peak Season Sucharges Peak Season SuchargesS/(Shpr) ShipperS/C Sales Contract Sales ContractS/O Loading Instructions Shipping OrderS/R Selling R ateS/S Spread Sheet Spread SheetSC Service Contract Service ContractSSL Shipping Company Steam Ship Line T.OC Terminal Operations Option T.RC Terminal Receiving Charge Terminal Receiving Charge T/S Transship, Trans-ShipT/T Voyage Transit TimeTEU 20' container Type Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit 20'THC Terminal Handling Charges (charged in Hong Kong) Terminal Handling ChargesTTL Total TotalTVC/ TVR Time Volume Contract/ RateVOCC Vessel Operating Common Carrier W/M That is to say the higher the charge in weight tons or size tons Weight or Measurement tonW/T Weight Ton (that is, the cargo is charged by weight) Weight TonYAS Yard Surcharges
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