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A Stroll Around The Port Harcourt City

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-23

The Port Harcourt city is illustrious as 'the Garden City' of Nigeria because of its large array of aromatic gardens and fresh green parks. The Port Harcourt city is standing at the sides of Bonny River, therefore the climatic conditions are also encouraging for tourism and to book tickets of flights to Port Harcourt. More to this point, the Port Harcourt city is also playing a notably influential role in the whole Africa region's economy. It is the chief manufacturer, trader and exporter of petroleum oil and its products, that's the reason that several oil traders and dealers also fly to the Port Harcourt city in flights to Port Harcourt for their new business prospects and trading orientations.

The city administers a well managed transportation network to move about the city. For International travelers the Port Harcourt International Airport (PHC) is the major airport receiving the flights to Port Harcourt from all the destinations in the worldwide. The airport is functioning with a single terminal through which 781,046 passengers passed in 2004; and the airport is aimed to enhance this passengers figure. The various famous international airlines such as Air France, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Arik Air, and Nigerian Eagle Airlines etc execute the. flights to Port Harcourt from all over the world.

The tremendous glittery beaches & water falls, succulent delights in restaurants and hotels, remarkable shopping malls, lush and fertile parks and gardens and tourists friendly ambience are some of the beautiful glimpses of the holidays in Port Harcourt and that makes the city as an excellent tourists' pick. The city offers are lots of reasons to plan a holiday and book Port Harcourt flights During your holidays in Port Harcourt, there is no excuse to miss a trip to Zoological garden that will make you the experience of various interesting wildlife like ape, gorillas, giraffes and other animals. Several zoologists and experts fly especially in the flights to Port Harcourt to take a visit to the garden for advanced knowledge about the wildlife.

Finima Nature Park is the most attractive and scenic locations of Port Harcourt that offers lots of opportunities for nature trek and birds watching. The park management can organize various types of trips where you can enjoy fishing or spot traditional festivals. The park has various shops selling valuable souvenirs and various restaurants for refreshments. The international tourists of flights to Port Harcourt should never this park to visit

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