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A Storehouse of Innovation—WMS for E-Commerce

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-25
Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), E-commerce, Technology Ramco Systems helps an e-commerce solutions provider realize its vision of a robotic fulfillment center.THE CUSTOMERA fast-growing e-commerce logistics provider who has established an automated fulfillment warehouse that is designed for seamless scaling. Their capabilities span handling the back-end, expanding sales channels, and optimizing fulfillment.THE PARTNERRamco Logistics Software is an integrated platform that provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions to 3PLs, freight forwarders, e-commerce logistics providers, and many others. Complete with optimization, APIs, chatbot, mobility, and analytics, Ramco Logistics Software provides solutions infused with AI and ML.One of Ramco's customers, a large e-commerce logistics solutions provider in Atlanta, aimed to tackle peak season struggles, labor contingencies, and holiday delays using automated fulfillment warehouses and cutting-edge technology. The goal was to build a robotic fulfillment center supported by an orchestration platform. Their vision included a seller portal for retailers to manage all their sales channels in one place, a proprietary order management system (OMS), and a library of ready-made connectors to integrate with shopping carts, carriers, and marketplaces.To realize this purpose, they needed a warehouse management system (WMS) that integrates and complements their robotics solution's capabilities while seamlessly communicating with all parties in the ecosystem. Their needs were: Capacity to handle a large number of stock-keeping units (SKUs), high volume, and eaches picking fulfillment. Readily integrating with the ecosystem of shopping carts, order management systems, marketplaces, carriers, etc.The Ramco Logistics solution offered precisely what they were looking for—a warehouse management system exclusively designed for logistics business spanning distribution and e-commerce logistics.Ramco WMS comes bundled with a proprietary middleware platform that helps build a technology-agnostic framework and includes multiple file format supporting integrations.The implementation of Ramco Logistics WMS was notable for: Seamless and tight integration between Ramco WMS and the robotics solution. Standard and open APIs for integrations with carriers, order management systems, and shopping carts.The key benefits the customer reaped from Ramco WMS included: The primary objective of automation achieved in the areas of order management, order classification, order consolidation, put away and picking for non-robotics orders, package type selection, and carrier selection. Automated order streaming helped in superior dock-to-stock and order-to-dispatch time. Ramco WMS enhanced the movement of goods with optimized pick-path, improving resource utilization and warehouse throughput. With Ramco'sOptimal Package Type Selection, they could choose the right-sized packages for the products, thereby lowering shipping cost.Optimal carrier selectionreduced the shipping cost by allowing them to choose the best transportation available. High resource productivity was enabled by Ramco WMS mobile application. Streamlined inventory visibility upstream and downstream was attained through seamless integration.These solutions helped lay down a firm foundation for a dark warehouse that is automated with robotics and requires little human interference.Email contact@ramco.com for all your WMS, TMS, and other logistics software related queries.
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