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A Real-Time, Cost-Saving Opportunity - PLS Logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-25
Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Transportation Management, Logistics, Supply ChainA client looked to PLS Logistics for a way to drive real-time visibility, performance, and cost savings to allow each of its 200+ office locations to operate effectively.The ChallengeThe client came to PLS Logistics because its 200+ office locations were responsible for managing their own transportation decisions, including carrier recruitment, qualification, and execution. In addition, many of the client's shipments are sent to job sites that require timely deliveries to avoid costly expenditures.Another issue was that the client's freight pay & audit company's reporting and cost data was consistently delayed. The client knew they had to simplify their supply chain and shipping processes and partnered with PLS Logistics to help drive real-time visibility, performance, and cost savings to allow each location to operate business effectively.The SolutionPLS Logistics was able to generate cost savings and improve the client's overall performance and tracking. PLS Logistics streamlined the client's systematic carrier onboarding by adding reliable, quality carriers to its network through PLS' carrier onboarding program to improve shipment delivery. PLS Logistics was able to implement its transportation management system (TMS), PLS PRO. PLS PRO set up tendering for the client based on service and cost parameters and allowed the client's office locations to expedite the process and assign carriers to shipments. Partnering with PLS Logistics' technology was a major key in allowing each of the client's office locations to service its customers accordingly.By utilizing PLS Logistics, the client now has: Real-time performance data by location, region, or the entire organization Real-time visibility to shipment status Data to make future decisions on carrier selection and carrier access Millions in cost savingsTo learn more about PLS Logistics' solutions, email sales@plslogistics.com, call 888-814-8486, or visit www.plslogistics.com.
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