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A must-see logistics strategy for Amazon's first

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-24

Sellers who often do FBA first trips will find that the delivery cost of trucks does not increase linearly with these data, and the delivery price of 2 cubic meters is not much more expensive than one cubic meter.

Take the U.S. market as an example. When sellers enable FBA, almost all orders can be delivered to the door within 2 days. This timeliness brings a very good consumer experience, which is very conducive to the establishment of the seller’s platform’s reputation and greatly improves the ranking. Bring more orders. Many big sellers with thousands of orders have improved the quality and quantity of their business after starting FBA. Now, more and more Amazon sellers realize the importance of using FBA. However, there are many blind spots in the actual operation. For example, the cost of FBA first-haul transportation is not small. How to reduce it? Amazon is only responsible for receiving the goods, not for delivery and customs clearance. What should the seller do to smoothly deliver the goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse? What are the different requirements for sellers when delivering FBA warehouses to different countries? There are many practical problems such as this. Here is the time for VIPUTRANS to bring benefits to everyone. Let’s take a look at how to save Amazon FBA first-way shipping!

The first measure: reasonable distribution As far as LCL small cargo is concerned, the delivery settlement standard of local trucks in the United States is not settled by cubic or kilograms, nor is it settled by pallets. For example, sellers who often do FBA first trips will find that the delivery cost of trucks does not rise linearly with these data, and the delivery price of 2 cubic meters is not much more expensive than one cubic meter. The main reference is based on the two indicators of which interval the total cube number falls in and the height of the tray. 'VIPUTRANS' teaches you the easiest way is that the total cubic number of distribution is preferably an integral multiple of 2.5 cubic meters, and the total height of every two pallets is preferably close to 2.4 meters, rather than each pallet meeting the FBA warehouse requirements The height limit of 1.8 meters. In this way, local billing rules in the United States can be used to reduce unit costs. Of course, this cannot be generalized. In addition, there are some factors that affect the unit cost of the first process, such as product name and weight-to-volume ratio.

The second measure: When calculating the LCL space with traditional LCL companies in the tail compartment, some flexible spaces are often reserved. In actual packing, some of the tail compartment will be vacated due to inaccurate arrival data or customs declaration. . Due to the unified consignee and unified trade documents of FBA’s first-line business, these tail tanks can be better utilized than traditional LCL. Some small-batch cargoes that are not urgent can capture these relative cargoes when the shipping schedule is approaching. A cheaper tail compartment.

The third measure: Mini LCL At present, sellers often send small batches of tens of kilograms to FBA warehouses by commercial express. But not all because the goods are eager to be sold in warehouses, but because small goods are more expensive than commercial express delivery by sea. This is because the traditional billing method has the lowest billing amount for the first-haul LCL and the second-haul truck delivery, and a professional company with sufficient scale can completely lower this threshold. Contains mini LCL channels under 67 kg. For those small goods that are not eager to enter the warehouse and those small goods that are sent in multiple FBA warehouses at once, the mini LCL is definitely the most suitable choice, which can significantly reduce the head journey cost.
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