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A few key points you must know about Amazon FBA

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-19
FBA, as the delivery service provided by the Amazon platform, is something that every seller must understand in detail, and it is also used when shipping. So what are the main points you must know to use Amazon FBA?
  FBA, as a delivery service provided by the Amazon platform, is something that every seller must understand in detail, and it is also used when shipping.So what are the key points that you must know to use Amazon FBA?

   One, FBA advantage

   As Amazon's main delivery agency business, FBA has the following advantages:

   1. Able to provide customers with efficient and guaranteed logistics services

   Amazon FBA can effectively guarantee the delivery time of logistics, and can reduce many negative reviews or disputes caused by the timeliness of logistics. This not only reduces the negative review rate of the store, but also improves the customer experience.

  2. Improve product exposure and transaction rate

  Using FBA can help sellers improve listing rankings, increase product exposure, and thereby increase product transaction rates. In addition, if the seller uses FBA, the seller's products will be recommended first, and can help the seller become a featured seller.

  3, reduce customer service costs to a certain extent

  4, FBA warehouses are mostly close to the airport, and the delivery time is fast

   Two, insufficient FBA

   In addition to the aura of advantages, FBA also has some shortcomings that cannot be ignored. Its shortcomings are mainly reflected in the following three points:

   1. The cost is higher than domestic

Because the FBA warehouse is not responsible for providing customs clearance services for sellers, most Chinese sellers have to complete the first journey through international express, and the cost of the first journey is relatively high, so in this case, the seller can first deliver the goods to the destination. The overseas warehouse is then shipped to the FBA warehouse.

  2, poor flexibility

If FBA products cannot be sold, there will be a backlog fee. If there is a problem with the quality of the product, the seller's saleable inventory will be blocked by Amazon, and the seller will be required to return to the warehouse for rectification, and even the selling right will be removed, so the seller The quality of the goods must be guaranteed, not to mention fakes.

   3. The buyer's return is too simple

Buyers can return the goods at will, which will increase the return rate of the product. Therefore, the seller must ensure the quality of the product and make specific instructions for the product, because many buyers mistakenly believe that the product has a problem because they have not operated the product. Only choose to return.

   Three, what kind of product is suitable for FBA

  According to the conclusion of many big sellers, the quality is lighter, the product quality is guaranteed, and products with promising market are suitable for FBA.

  At the same time, sellers should also be aware that the Amazon platform will not ship such goods by FBA for tobacco products, alcohol, flammable substances, toxic and hazardous substances, pharmaceutical gift cards, gift certificates, and other stored value tools.
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