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A collection of difficult issues in maritime operations

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
In maritime operations, some difficult problems are often encountered, which makes people at a loss. This kind of questions is specially made into this collection for your review.

   What should I do if 1 shipping company's bill of lading is lost?

  General process

  1 Report the loss for three days

  2 Usually 2-3 times of the value of the goods pressed in the bank for 2-3 years (depending on the regulations of different shipping companies)

  3 Then the bank issues a letter of guarantee to the shipowner

  2 After boarding the ship, I learned that the destination port was closed and the shipping company had to change to other ports, which caused serious delays in the shipping schedule. What should I do?

   You can choose to apply for unloading at a transshipment port, and apply for transshipment to other ports (near the destination port), there will be additional costs.

  3 The destination port has no bill of lading, but the balance has not been collected yet

   It depends on whether you have HOUSE BL or Master


   Generally, the consignee at the port of destination picks up the goods by virtue of the bank guarantee. Although this is a delivery without bill of lading, this is also the default practice. Strictly speaking, it is the responsibility of the shipping company. You can find the shipping company to inquire about the cargo situation and claim against the shipping company.


   may be more difficult

Generally, they use the shipping company’s bill of lading to sign the forwarder bill of lading for you, and they release the goods to you at the port of destination. In this case, it is usually the freight forwarder designated by the foreign consignee that will do this. Forwarder negotiations, accountability and claims for direct booking.

  4 What should I do if the cargo has been under the transit port for more than a month?

  It is normally 1-2 weeks for Hong Kong to be suppressed, unless special circumstances can be suppressed for so long, such as war, politics, congestion and other force majeure.

   You have to stare at the shipping company diligently, urging it to arrange the second voyage ahead of time. It is really impossible to give a claim letter, which may serve as a reminder.

  5How to deal with returns

   Once the goods are abandoned at the destination port and need to be returned, the first thing that comes to mind is to find other buyers or persuade the consignee to pick up the goods. Because both are lower and simpler than the return shipping cost.

   Once it is determined that the return must be made, the following information is necessary at the customs

  (1) A set of import documents (invoice, packing list, contract)

  (2) A set of export documents (invoice, packing list, contract) (3) Export declaration form and verification form (original required)

  (4) Certificate of non-refund of export tax (if the tax has been refunded)

  (5) Return shipping agreement

  (6) Return email to and from

  (7) Description

  (8) For the goods to be inspected, a description should also be provided

  (9) IPPC or non-wood packaging declaration

  (10) One copy of the power of attorney for customs declaration, instead of one copy of the power of attorney for commodity inspection, two copies of the power of attorney for commodity inspection.

   Note: The above goods are only allowed to be returned within one year for customs declaration. If more than one year, they will be subject to general trade processing and taxation. The specifics are subject to customs requirements, but the materials must be prepared in advance.

  6 How to change the customs declaration form after shipment

   Generally, if the declaration is wrong, the modification procedure is more complicated, because some situations involve whether the tax refund can be refunded.

  If the invoice and packing list are wrong, they cannot be modified. Only the pre-recorded error of the customs declaration can be modified.

  If the shipment is overfilled or short, the tally company can issue a tally certificate and attach the port area certificate, then the amendment can be processed! At the same time, the shipping company’s bill of lading needs to be changed.

  7 How to deal with the process of changing port after boarding

   First, we must confirm with the shipping company whether the port change is feasible and the related costs. If feasible, change the destination port according to the following conditions in different time periods:

  1. The container has not arrived at the port of destination, and the manifest information has not been submitted to the customs at the port of destination. In this case, if the transit port remains unchanged before and after the change, you can request the transit port to unload the second-way ship;

  2. After the container has arrived at the port of destination and the manifest information has been submitted to the customs at the port of destination, this generally requires an inquiry about whether there is a fine;

  3. The following documents and fees must be paid

  1) Original bill of lading with three payment and three payment

   2) Change port guarantee

  3) Other special documents and documents

  4) Port change fee

  8How to find a shipping company for compensation for cargo damage

   1. First define responsibility

   Check whether your goods are sensitive goods, whether there are special storage requirements, and whether there are corresponding requirements on the bill of lading.

   2. Secondly, it depends on whether it is believed to be caused by force majeure

  In the event of war, piracy, hurricane, port congestion, etc., it is force majeure.

  3. Finally, see if the cargo damage is within the scope of insurance claims

  If you are, you can go directly to the insurance company to go through the claims process, and the insurance company and the shipping company will negotiate the rest.

   4. Avoid direct negotiations with the shipping company if possible
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