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A brief introduction to the operation process

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-28
1. Consignment

  1. The shipper provides: consignee information, consignor information, informant information, box type, box quantity, weight, volume, port of departure, port of destination, time of shipment, Chinese and English product names, etc.

  2, determine cargo transportation terms, transportation methods, FCL transportation, LCL transportation, bulk bulk transportation, etc.

3. Provide complete shipment information: invoices, packing lists, contracts, customs declaration and inspection power of attorney, declaration elements, and other documents required by the customs.

  2. Booking

   Arrange the best space according to the specific needs of the customer. After the space is confirmed, the ship name and voyage and schedule can be provided to the shipper.

 Three, make the box

Door-to-door cabinet loading methods are divided into:

   (1) Factory packing (provide factory address)

   (2) Warehouse packing (the goods will be packed after delivery to our port warehouse)

  1, warehouse packing

  Provide our warehouse inbound notice. The shipper will deliver to our warehouse according to the inbound notice. After unloading, our company will arrange for loading and delivery to the port area.

  2, factory packing

   After picking up the containers from the storage yard, our company directly arranges a trailer to transport the containers to the customer's factory, and directly trailers them into the port and board the ship after packing.

   4. Customs declaration loading

After the containers are collected at the port, they declare customs; the shipping company loads the containers on the ship.

Our company will send the draft of the bill of lading to the customer for confirmation, and provide it to the customer after confirming that it is correct.

  5. Arrival at the port of destination

Our company will continue the arrival of the goods at any time. Before the arrival of the goods, our company will notify the consignee or its agent in advance. If our company arranges foreign customs clearance, our company will notify our customs branch or agent to arrange customs declaration and delivery.

6. Destination change, customs clearance and delivery

  After we get the relevant documents, we will arrange customs clearance in accordance with the information provided by the consignee. Delivery to the customer's factory after customs clearance
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