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A bill of lading shipping agent processing techniques and attention points

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
International logistics lp after receiving customers authorize international transport of the goods, goods compared commonly big, choose shipping, before do freight shipping company will issue the ocean bill of lading. Marine bill of lading is issued by the shipping company after receipt of the goods receipt of goods, and shipping companies have signed the contract of carriage. Marine bill of lading also represent the ownership of the goods, is a kind of property rights characteristics of credentials. We need to pay attention to when dealing with shipping agent bill of lading which place? Small make up today when dealing with Marine bill of lading will come to tell you about some of the techniques and attention points. 1, in the port of shipment, the goods receipt issued by the bill of lading is the carrier or its agent. 2, in the course of carriage, bill of lading is a document of title to goods, is a kind of negotiable securities. 3, at the port of destination, the bill of lading is to the carrier or its agent to extract the evidence of contract of the goods. In the actual business, some problems that should be paid attention to deal with the bill of lading: 1, according to trade practice, under normal circumstances, the bill of lading will be issued three originals and three copies of pay, commonly known as a full set of bill of lading, but the delivery of the goods at the port of destination, with only one copy of original bill of lading pick up the goods, then each of the other invalid automatically. According to the shipping industry habit, lost original bill of lading, the customer must be lost in the local press statement of the bill of lading invalid and hand in to the shipping company to pay the carrier deposit equal to 150% of the value of goods can pick up the goods, and the deposit will be after 18 months without any stock rights disputes if can return to the customer. As a result, the client shall properly keep and original bill of lading, especially by mail, to be partial to mail in case of lost in the mail. ( Marine bill of lading] 2, under the general trade way to accept straight bill of lading to be cautious, because the straight bill of lading can only by the specified in the bill of lading the consignee column consignee pick up the goods, not by endorsement, according to the United States and the legal practice of some countries, straight bill of lading, the carrier without against original bill of lading can deliver the cargo to the consignee, consignor so be careful treatment, lest produce payment dispute. 3, be handled with care to borrow a bill of lading, anti-dated b/l and not clean bill of lading. To conform to the stipulations of the l/c, letter of guarantee issued by the shipper to the carrier for the bl, anti-dated b/l or will not clean bill of lading instead of issuing a clean bill of lading. In today's information society, the consignee can easily through various channels learned that the carrying vessel and cargo information, if the consignee that shipper to borrow a bill of lading, anti-dated b/l, etc, can be in accordance with the relevant national laws, v. to shipment and the carrier of the partnership business cheating, the consignor shall be investigated for responsibility and may apply for the court to withhold the carrier transport tools such as assets, serious consequences, and should not be used in the actual business. In addition, don't put the sea waybill and confused Marine bill of lading. The two is only one letter short while, but have a fundamental difference in nature & ndash; — Sea waybill and Marine bill of lading have & other; Cargo receipt & throughout; And & other Transport contract certificate & throughout; Function, but not sea waybill & other The real right certificate & throughout; The function; Marine bill of lading under certain conditions can be circulation and transfer, but sea waybill can't circulation and transfer, it is sea waybill and the fundamental difference between Marine bill of lading. Edit summary: after more than small make up for us in dealing with the shipping agent need to pay attention to when the bill of lading and the main points of the processing techniques made some details, believe that everybody knew. Marine bill of lading for the importance of the international transport of goods is self-evident, whether it's the shipping company or our international logistics lp handling personnel will be treated with caution, not out of the faults is not a person can afford. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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