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A bill of lading, customs declaration, certificate of origin and so on is lost. What should I do

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
As is known to all, logistics is a big project, need you to have a super ability to coordinate all kinds of events, international logistics is more natural, only experienced friends know the precious maximum comfort. Logistics abroad, need to fill in all kinds of files, the freight bill of lading, customs declaration, the parties to the contract agreement, and so on. Some number of signature during this period has changed the course of usage all exhausted, completely attaining the state of flowing. But no one is perfect, one more, brain cells is not enough to use, it is easy to appear unable to file is missing, etc. So, the bill of lading, customs declaration, loss of the certificate of origin, once happened, how to deal with? Small make up to you to science, these important documents lost after treatment method, only supplies the reference. Found after missing the first time, you need to be dealt with in accordance with the following steps to: 1, the first to create documents produced within the enterprise and filing system. 2, second of all the documents, a copy, in case of loss can be controlled when the original order. 3, after missing documents, belongs to the homemade invoice, packing list, immediate repair system, belong to the state issued by the institution or a third party, immediately notice issued by the people, go through the formalities for single. How to go through the formalities fill do? 1, the customs declaration form according to the lost of invoice, packing list this homemade file, homemade again immediately. 2, the losing of the bill of lading bill of lading is lost is more serious. If it is our forwarder bill of lading can write a letter of guarantee booking, please reissue the b/l, if it is shipping company b/l, there may be no single release cargo, collecting, usually the shipping company will ask shipper to issue letter of guarantee and to provide a security is equal to the value of a double or even triple, borrowing deadline even for two to three years. Announcement of the bill of lading is lost at the same time. 3, certificate of origin is lost or modify if due to the actual delivery of the goods do not tally with the declaration, need to modify the content of the certificate of origin, change reasons and provide the basis, must be addressed by the visa agencies, after the review meeting the requirements to the application formalities, recover the original certificate of origin, and issue a new license. If already issued the certificate of origin is lost or damaged, from half a year from the date of issue, the applicants must provide a basis to the visa agency stated reason and, after the approval of the visa agencies review application formalities anew. Visa agencies in new visa book marked & other; On XX XX XX years primary XX certificate of origin invalid number & throughout; 。 Here said the visa agencies, can be import and export commodity inspection and quarantine bureau, can also be a trade promotion association. Documents are correctly and completely made out, in order to lay a foundation for the payment. Editor note: after a small make up more than comb, for these documents are lost. What should I do believe that already knows, remind you encounter such loss events don't distracting mannerisms, positive processing to prevent the further development of the first time. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for immigrants, students, with degree of providing the most professional international transportation abroad, covering international baggage, logistics to the door to door service from all over the world. If you have any international logistics demand, welcome to call the hotline.
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