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3PLs Play Pivotal Role - Inbound Logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-24
3PL, Warehousing, E-commerceOrder volumes increased by 81% for third-party logistics (3PL) providers supporting e-commerce since the lockdown began, according to data from 3PL Central's customer base. These are the highest order volumes per 3PL ever, on par with Black Friday in 2019.3PL warehouses fulfilling e-commerce orders experienced a consistent increase in order volume week over week. Order volume from March to April 2020 increased to 154% of its initial volume, the data says. Since the beginning of 2020, order volume processed through 3PL Central increased to 174% of its initial volume.With 3PL Central processing more than 1 million orders per week, its customers are a barometer for the growth of the 3PL warehousing market as a whole, the company says. Of its top 100 customers, the average growth rate per 3PL exceeds 61%, with more than 80% experiencing growth. Of the total 3PLs, 45% experienced growth, specifically those fulfilling e-commerce orders for essential items and nutraceuticals. 3PLs focusing on business-to-business fulfillment of nonessential items were hit the hardest, the research says."It's a tough environment right now, with people facing a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety daily," says Rachel Trindade, chief marketing officer. "Our customers play a pivotal role in calming those fears by making sure people get the essential items they need from the safety of their home."
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