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3 Types of Loading Dock Equipment to Make Moving

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-23

Every company that uses the proper loading dock equipment can keep their receiving and distributing department operating smoothly. Moving cargo in and out of trucks, vans, pickup and storage containers requires the best loading equipment to make the job its most efficient.

For those businesses that have minimal space, mobile yard ramps can be used to move cargo in open areas, out and away from the dock. Still others can use dock levelers to maximize the safety of moving heavy cargo. Scissor lifts work well for lifting cargo when there is limited space inside the warehouse.

Mobile Yard Ramps

The staging area within some warehouses is too small to have a permanent docking area. In those incidences, standard storage containers and rear loading vehicles can be loaded and unloaded using a traditional pallet truck. However, to do that, it is necessary that the pallets be arranged within the containers to provide access with the pallet truck. When stacked too high, these heavy items can significantly increase the safety risk for the handlers and operators.

To work around this problem, businesses use mobile yard ramps and attach them to the containers. Using a forklift to move back and forth over the mobile ramp, the operator can quickly load or unload the cargo in just a fraction of the time as doing it manually. Additionally, using this sturdy loading dock equipment creates a much safer working environment by eliminating the need to do any manual lifting.

Dock Levelers

Individuals that operate loading dock equipment often run across scenarios where the dock and the trailer being unloaded are at varying heights. As a way to maximize worker's safety and make loading or unloading the cargo more efficient, the operator uses a dock leveler. After adjusting the height using a dock leveler to meet that of the vehicle or trailer, a pallet truck or a forklift can be used to easily move the cargo on or off the vehicle. Fabricated of a sturdy, durable steel construction, a dock leveler incorporates the power of and electro-hydraulic system to quickly adjust the height with a single push of the button.

Scissor Lifts

Designed with a crisscrossing support system, large scissor lifts offer a quick solution to move the pallet of goods upwards on a flat platform. Loading pallets on a scissor lift with a pallet truck minimizes the need to manually lift goods in and out of storage. Scissor lifts are built to be mobile or stationary. Once only used in an industrial setting, scissor lifts are now being used in most wholesale and retail environments.

Some scissor lifts are designed with 'tilters' and turntables. The tilters can tilt the platform into specific angles that allow the operator to slide the goods with much easier maneuverability. The turntable allows the pallets of goods to be rotated in place. This works well in small space environments.

These various types of loading dock equipment work well for large and small businesses. Companies purchase both new and used loading dock equipment, based on their needs and their budget.

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