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Shipping From China to Poland | Sea, Air, Rail, DDP


Shipping From China to Poland | Sea, Air, Rail, DDP 

When shipping by air cargo, it is one of the most expensive routes but also one of the fastest. The most popular shipping option is sea freight, which takes a lot longer than air cargo but it’s cheaper too. Shipping by air cargo is expensive but rapid, and so the best choice for last-minute shoppers or deliveries. There are many shipping routes from China to Poland, but the one with the lowest cost might not be the fastest or cheapest.

One important factor is whether or not you are using a Full container load or a LCL but less time consuming method like air freight. Another factor is which Chinese freight forwarder you use to ship your goods. The final factor is how long it takes for your goods to be shipped from China to Poland and this can vary depending on where in China your goods are being shipped from.

Air Freight From China To Poland

Air freight from China to the Warsaw Chopin Airport (IATA: WAW) is ideal for shipping cargo of relatively high value and urgency, but not necessarily large. With Air freight service from China, you’ll get door-to-door delivery in a shorter amount of time than with other transport options.

The cost of air freight is higher than sea freight or rail freight. However, air freight has many advantages over these transportation methods. Air freight is safer, faster, and more convenient than other modes of transport. Air freight also offers greater flexibility for scheduling deliveries and managing the flow of goods.

Air Freight Transit Time From China To Poland

From China to Poland in 3 to 5 days by air freight.

However, there are a few factors that can affect the delivery times of your cargo: the type of goods themselves (bulk or not), and their value and weight. The cargo can be directly departure from Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other China airports to all Poland airports, such as Aarhus international airport (IATA code : AAR)

International air freight is a great option if you’re looking to get your goods to Poland quickly and safely. There are three main costs associated with air freight from China to Poland that you should be aware of.

Fuel surcharge: Airlines apply a fuel surcharge at a set rate per kilogram. This fuel surcharge is based on international oil prices and fluctuates regularly.

Security Fee: This is another extra cost associated with air freight into Poland that is usually included in the air freight cost you receive from your chosen Airlines and China Freight forwarder. This fee typically around covers any additional security checks that are required for your shipment to make it safely through Demark customs.

Terminal fees are charged by airports for loading/unloading charges, cargo handling services and parking costs. These fees will often be higher at airports located in cities such as London than at smaller ones.

Other surcharges are constantly being reviewed from time to time, according to factors such as off-season, peak season, international oil prices and so on. As a result, the difference between each airline may change once a few months or even each week.

Rail Freight From China to Poland

Rail freight from China to Malaszewice and Warsaw Poland has become very important shipping method when considering rail freight cost is cheaper than Air freight, and train transit time is faster than sea freight, all these factors lead rail freight playing an important role in modern supply chain.

China to Malaszewice and Warsaw Poland rail freight train service has been available for many years since the first train run. The railway line is currently still operational and carrying out thousands of TEUs of shipments from China. Rail freight from China to Poland has become a popular shipping method for many businesses that want to transport goods from China to Copenhagen Poland.

Rail Freight Transit time from China to Poland

Rail freight transit time in 14 – 16days from China to Poland Warsaw and Malaszewice.



Rail Freight Transit time


Lodz Poland

14 to 16 days


Malaszewicze Poland

14 days


Warsaw Poland

14 days


Warsaw Poland

15 to 16 days


Warsaw Poland

14 days


Warsaw Poland

14 to 16 days

Compared with sea shipping which takes 30 to 35 days. Rail freight is faster by 10 to 15 days and offers a more cost effective way of moving cargo. Rail Freight will be a game changer for many industries.

China – Europe trains usually take 15-20 days, depending on the distance and the customs inspection delay. The railway line runs through Kazakhstan – Russia – Belarus – Poland – Poland.

Sea Freight From China To Poland

The most popular methods are sea freight, air freight and rail freight. Gdnask is the main seaports in Poland. If you have a small parcel going to Poland or anywhere in Poland then you would need it to be shipped via Air freight.

How Long Does Take Shipping From China To Poland

Shipping transit time to Gdnask Poland takes 37-38 days by sea shipping, which is relatively stable and can be shipped easily. You can choose different shipping lines with different schedules. Door-to-door shipping takes an additional 18 days.

Sea Transit time

From Shanghai to

From Ningbo to

From Shenzhen to





DDP Shipping from China to Poland

DDP stands for “Delivery Duty Paid.” It means that the seller pays all costs related to the delivery of your cargo. Shipping your goods via DDP can be very flexible, it cuts down on shipping costs and removes the need for you to care about taxes and duties, which saves time and money. And using a freight forwarder like VIPUTRANS is going to make everything easier for you at every step. DDP shipping from China to Poland can be done in several different ways: sea freight, road freight, rail freight, or air freight.

Customs clearance in China is required before the goods are exported. They will be delivered to our warehouse in Shenzhen/Guangzhou, China, or you can appoint us to pick up from your China factory. In Poland we use our business partners as importers for import declarations, so VAT and EORI are not required. We manage all customs clearance procedures from China and Poland. Last mile delivery will be arranged by courier companies such as UPS, DHL

DDP Shipping Transit Time From China To Poland

DDP Air freight

6 to 10 days

by Air Freight

DDP Road Freight

16 to 17 days

by Road Freight LCL

DDP Rail Freight

18 to 22 days

by Rail Freight LCL

DDP Sea Freight

35 to 45 days

by Sea Freight LCL

DDP Shipping requirement from China to Poland

Do not send any items that infringe on intellectual property rights.

· Do not send any illegal

· Items need to be labeled with “Made in China” on their packaging and SKU labels.


In addition to cargo original packaging, the outer carton should be new and sturdy. Suggest using transparent tape to seal the carton’s outer box. Do not use coloured tape.

DDP shipping from China to Poland weight limit range from 11Kg/ to 21Kg. The maximum gross weight for each waybill is 30Kg.

DDP shipping from China to Poland min chargeable weight per shipment is 100kgs. Please make sure that the total cargo weight of all the items does not exceed 30Kg.

How To Book Between China And Poland ?

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